How To Get An Orgasm Easily. Is There Any Real Free Hookup Sites!

An Easily How To Get Orgasm

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Are you having trouble reaching orgasm? A guide for women

30 Sep If you're a woman who finds climaxing easy and can have orgasms during intercourse with little effort – even in a position where it's difficult for your partner to access the clitoris with the fingertips – then you are very lucky indeed! For the majority of us, 'ringing that bell' is not nearly so simple. Even women. 2 Sep "I've compared it as a gentle kiss versus the Magic Wand's jackhammer-level power. It can probably get me to orgasm in about two minutes or so. I think if I was seriously turned on, I could maybe swing a minute. Maybe. But, you know, I enjoy taking my time. If I'm needing to bang one out fast and I've got. 23 Jun Jun 23, Spoiler: For some women, orgasms are hard to come by. This is about how to relax, let go, and explore getting off, with yourself or a partner. This will help you clearly determine what you like without the stress of "will I or won't I??" and will therefore make it easier to orgasm in the future.

Type keyword s to search. Read on to see the 10 sneakiest reasons, plus what you can do about them. You spend most of your day sitting at a desk. You may be shortening your pelvic muscles, which can lead to pelvic pain and make it harder to orgasm later on, says marriage and sex therapist Kat Van KirkPh.

If you can snag a private space, stretch your hip flexors—the muscles on the inside of your hip bones—with moves like back bendssquats and butterfly stretches.

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Orgasms are not all about foreplay. Or spin around into reverse cowgirl. Embracing the full experience will help you reap the full benefits, she adds. You want to be in the moment focusing on sensations, so all those little distractions can actually add up and prevent you from getting off. Sex Why you finish faster during first time sex.

You wear high heels. According to Eden FrombergD. In other words, if they're not in good shape, climaxing is less likely.

To complete the sign up process, please click on the link in the email we just sent to. You'll have the back wall of your vagina stimulated at the same time that you can touch your clitoris. Stick with what got you to that point and you'll likely get there.

You're drinking too much booze and 4. A body needs plenty of H2O to orgasm, explains Dr. So drink up, especially after having cocktails, since alcohol actually dries out your body. Your medication is interfering.

How To Get An Orgasm Easily

If a side effect of your drugs is a spike in your prolactin levels—a protein that reduces libidocommonly produced in postpartum women so that they don't get pregnant again too quickly—this could also be part of the problem. Plus, "antihistamines can reduce your ability to self-lubricate and make sex uncomfortable," adds Dr.

Van Kirk, so you'll probably need lube to prevent pain and get closer to pleasure. Your partner hasn't figured out how to "work it" yet. Since every woman's body parts are all shaped slightly differently, motions and angles that pleasure some source just don't do it for others, according to Dr.

If he's not hitting the right spots, let him know.

10 Surprising Reasons You're Not Reaching Orgasm

You're not making noise. Being vocal during sex has been proven to work wonders, says relationship expert and author of Screwing the RulesLaurel House. If you're being quiet, whether you're trying not to wake the kids or because you're self-conscious about how you'll sound, you're lowering your chances of getting off. Heighten the sensory experience of sex this way instead: Embracing the full experience will help you reap the full benefits, she adds.

You're not masturbating often enough.

As it turns out, how frequently you're pleasuring yourself can directly affect your chances of reaching orgasm when you're with your partner. Van Kirk says that a woman's ability to fantasize and use her imagination during masturbation can help her to be more orgasmic. To up your chances of achieving orgasm with a partner, Jenny Block, author of O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasmrecommends masturbating at least three times a week. Your oxytocin levels are too low.

The "feel-good" or "love" hormone goes hand-in-hand with orgasms.

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If your body isn't producing enough, it's harder to climax. Your oxytocin levels are likely low if you're anxious or suddenly not up for seeing your friends or family.

How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm in 5 Easy Steps

Thankfully, spending more time with your partner, looking into his eyes, holding his hand and kissing all have been proven to up oxytocin. Have a furry friend? Cuddling with Fido also boosts your levels. You forgot to pee before sex. If you make a habit of holding it in, you could be setting yourself up for unsatisfying lovemaking.

The stimulation of sex plus the urge to go to the bathroom is not a good mix. As Block puts it, "It can be incredibly hard to reach orgasm when your link is full because it's hard not to be thinking, 'Don't pee!

How To Get An Orgasm Easily

Van Kirk suggests slipping out to dim the lights, light a candle and encourage your partner to masturbate while you quickly take a pee break. More From Sex Tips. Habits of Highly Sexual Couples. Husbands React to '50 Shades Darker' Sexts.