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How To Marry A Rich Man- by Dr. Tartt


23 May In her best-selling book, The Princess Formula: How to Get a Rich Man, she offers guidance and advice to women for finding the perfect man who is “rich in spirit and heart” while offering financial stability. She asserts her “princess” philosophy that a woman can still be independent and be a “princess”. 13 Aug Today's guest is Donna Spangler, a beauty, fitness and lifestyle expert, blogger and author of "How to Get a Rich Man; The Princess Formula." But before you click off this page in disgust and think that You wrote a book about how to marry a rich man. How is that different than gold digging? What else is. 1 Feb Donna Spangler uses the Princess Formula in her book How to Get a Rich Man, which is designed to help the reader get the right man step-by-step and outlines the bath to true love and financial security. Leaving behind the guilt and judgment , this book shows women the best ways to make the most of.

Heart-stopping, knee-weakening, "when-is-he-going-to-call" kind of love wanes in about 18 to 24 months, but the kind that comes in dollars and cents lasts a lifetime. Http://hookuptime.me/b/best-ways-to-masturbate-for-women.php least according to a new book, " Smart Girls Marry Money: The book confirms what mothers have been telling their daughters for generations: Many women would agree that one good man in the boardroom is better than two in the bedroom.

That report wasn't perfect, but the couple made a mutual plan to establish financial security and have now been married since and own their own house. They aim their advice squarely at nubile girls who have falsely equated romantic love with happiness. Why are girls are encouraged to court the man with the "big blue eyes" rather than the one with the "big How To Marry A Rich Man The Princess Formula bankroll?

Both authors -- Los Angeles mothers Daniela Drake and Elizabeth Ford -- say they "married for love, but reaped the consequences. Drake is a primary care doctor with an MBA and Ford divorced from the son of actor Harrison Ford is an Emmy-winning television producer.

How to Get a Rich Man: The Princess Formula

But women are way too obsessed with the "love drug. The question women should ask about the fiance is, "Does he have a financial plan and how does that match up with your values?

Romantic lovethey say, is never a valid reason to get married. Science seems to back this theory. MRI scans now reveal a "complicated biological cocktail of hormones" that light here in the brain when people are in love, according to the book.

How To Marry A Rich Man The Princess Formula

And, Ford notes, the activity is in "the most primitive, reptilian" part of the brain. Knowing that that loving feeling doesn't last and that women have a "sell-by date," women should pursue the " gold digging imperative " -- finding a man while they still have their youth and looks. According to her book, "Marriage, A History: They had to, because they couldn't support themselves.

She said that as late aswomen routinely considered marrying a man they didn't love "if he met the financial criteria. For thousands of years, marriage was based on political and economic convenience for both men and women.

Marrying A Rich Man For Money?

Next was the dowry. But as the middle class emerged and http://hookuptime.me/b/ways-to-get-back-at-your-ex.php could support themselves rather than depend upon an inheritance, they became "the most exuberantly romantic," she said. My heart inclines to Harry, but I can't take that risk. By the mid 20th century, modern attitudes gave men and women equality to choose a mate, but not economic equality.

Men expect power because they make more money and women "trade services for deference," Coontz said. The best hope for a stable and satisfying marriage is one where both husband and wife share the bread-winning, child care and housework, according to Coontz.

They argue that women can't earn as much as men, especially after having children, and if they do marry well, and then split, they are shortchanged by divorce, both professionally and financially. The book cites research by Professor Stephen Jenkins, director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research, who found that five years after divorce, men were 25 percent richer, whereas women still had How To Marry A Rich Man The Princess Formula money than they did pre-split; and that 31 percent of mothers received no support no payment for children.

Women face the pressure to do it all -- raise children, earn a decent salary and be a hot sexpot in bed. And, the authors note from personal experience that 50 percent of all marriages are doomed to failure. Ford's enthusiasm for the topic was also fueled by a younger sister who graduated from college "looking for love" and ended up with "slacker guys who don't pay the rent. Her co-author, Drake, left her husband, because he had no concern for the couple's finances.

She is now remarried with two children. A good marriage, they both say, is an economic partnership. And research shows that if a couple stays together long enough, the passionate love will reignite.

Such was case with one How To Marry A Rich Man The Princess Formula on the Web site Urban Baby who said her best friend had always dated "rocker guys" but, instead, married a Jewish MBA consultant. I 'm sure that loft in Tribeca didn't hurt either. Ford admits the book's title is "meant to get your attention.

What's your surprising secret, beyond genes, eating right and exercising? Unless the female is emotionally disturbed, she typically gets joy out of having a man ingratiate her with social politeness, including opening of doors, flowers, gifts, dinner, etc. Have you found success with your philosophy?

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When it comes down to http://hookuptime.me/b/how-to-be-a-health-freak.php, if your partner does not contribute to your life, then why is he in it? I do believe we should surround ourselves with positive supportive and loving people. I take care of eight cats that I rescued, and even though I have help with cat litter cleaning and other cat stuff, I find myself taking care of them like a mother would with their children. Even if you do something to make money part-time or work from the home, it will help secure self-esteem and purpose.

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How To Marry A Rich Man The Princess Formula

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