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I Got Stung By a Scorpion

Scorpion Sting - Symptoms

Although the scorpion's venom is usually relatively harmless to humans, there are species of scorpions that can be lethal. Here's what to do if you get stung. 15 Sep However, any scorpion sting has the potential to cause an allergic reaction, which can be dangerous in its own right. . If you only got a good view of the pincers, you can estimate your risk from them as well: large, powerful pincers often indicate the scorpion relies on them for defense more than venom. 14 Aug Brad Dahl from the Utah Poison Control Center takes three minutes to talk about what to do if you get stung. While it will be painful, you aren't in any grave So call Poison Control just as a matter of probably caution, but generally not something that's going to be a major issue? Dr. Dahl: That is correct. Yes.

A few years ago I opened up a discussion, inviting locals to share their scorpion sting experiences. I received hundreds of responses; here are 99 of them.

You'll notice some repetitive themes — walking outside barefoot or in flip flops, for example.

I Just Got Stung By A Scorpion

Most of these people had "normal" reactions to the scorpion stings, but some were more severe and frightening. With respect to the anecdotes that follow, some have been edited in a minor way, mostly for spelling or grammar, without changing the message. I deleted comments not directly related to click sting issue. For example, many people seemed delighted to share an explanation of how they killed the offending creature.

I did not include stories that mentioned unconventional treatment They ranged from putting tobacco on the sting to frozen pork chops. I have not verified any of these anecdotes.

I publish them because you might find them instructional, or you might find solace in knowing that you are not the only one experiencing reactions from the scorpion sting.

Megarbane B, et al. You should prioritize getting help for the victim over catching the scorpion. The wife treated with washing and wrapping in cold towel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Scorpions with thick, fat stingers and tails are often here dangerous than scorpions with thin stingers.

I am no longer accepting submissions on this topic. I am not a doctor, and nothing in this collection of comments is intended to be medical advice. Slight pain and numbness which moves around to different areas, also last night 3 days after the sting, was my worst time as my right arm was very numb and I had a weird taste in my mouth that I never had before plus cold sweats please click for source woke me out of my sleep.

I also felt weird sensations at times especially after laying down at night plus twitching in my left leg then numbness in my right foot, I am pounds. Not fun and good luck, call poison control for advice. Coming out of my sleep I got out of bed and lifted the sheet as a bark scorpion crawled on my mattress. I put a cold compress on it immediately and really had no major discomfort other than a light sting and some local numbness.

I was stung late one night and it was horrible. I immediately tried to take an aspirin for the pain, but thought the I Just Got Stung By A Scorpion I was taking with it was spoiled as it felt as though it was soaked in a cotton ball. With each heartbeat it was as if I were being stung again, and numbness began creeping up my leg.

I finally went to the ER but had to wait quite I Just Got Stung By A Scorpion to be seen by anyone. Meanwhile, I could not even drink water as it felt like wet cotton. When I was finally seen by a doctor, my bp was almost I was given an injection and I remember the doctor telling my husband to look at my tongue as it was flicking incessantly back and forth. I then needed another injection before the doctors felt that I was going to be okay.

The entire right side of my body was numb for about three months and then it gradually subsided with my foot being the last part to regain full feeling. Hope I never get stung again. I was sleeping on my side when I woke up to a tingling in my nose. We captured the scorpion later on in the evening at the foot of the bed and I took it to an expert, who identified it as a bark scorpion.

The intense pain lasted 2 hours. Even though I was told by poison control to ice the area I could not have anything touch it. This was followed by a few more hours of severe pain.

This was followed by a strange pulling numbness at the site read more toward my mouth. Now 11 days later there is still some residual uncomfortable feeling in the area, but I survived and i am sure I will be fine. Got bitten walking on driveway with flip flops on. Two and a half hours later face went numb, arms went numb and I couldn't read. Ended up in emergency. Top of my ears were numb. Slurred words and could barely drink with swollen mouth.

I was a level 3 and level 4 was the level you needed the anti venom.

Scorpion Stings Can Be Painful and Serious

Was observed for 3 hours left the hospital. Was in agony for 15 hours. Regained most of my vision by second day. No more pain or numbness.

Most scorpions in this area are not dangerous to adults, but there are exceptions. Markovchick VJ, et al. Felt like I stepped on a lit cigarette. I got stung around 1am going to the bathroom. While I am not experiencing much pain, my leg, from the middle of my shin to toes, is very numb.

Two and a half days later toe still numb. Just glad the pain and tingling is over. I worked at an exotic pet store where somebody brought in three AZ bark scorpions inquiring what they were. While I was examining them, one scorpion tried to sting the other. He missed and got the side of my hand. At first, it felt like an just click for source bite.

That was followed by some tingling. The tingling was followed by numbness up my arm which got progressively more localized around the I Just Got Stung By A Scorpion site over the course of 3 days. I iced the sting and took antihistamines. We use to live in the Tucson area and our house must have invaded a nest of scorpions, because we were each stung 4 to 6 times. It was like a bad wasp sting lasting a couple hours and relieved by ice packs.

Now we live in the hills north of Sun City and we have lots Bark Scorpions. I was stung on the upper thigh getting into bed 4 times before I could get up and out. The severe pain lasted about 20 hours; it felt as though someone had set worms of hot coals under my skin, wiggling, hot and painful.

After 20 hours it was bearable and after 36 hours the pain was gone, but the numbness stayed for about two weeks. I'm 8 months pregnant and after weeks of hunting and killing, I was stung twice by a bark scorpion while getting my prenatal vitamin tonight.

At first it felt like I had stepped on a burning cigarette and then immediately followed by intense pain and stinging. Experienced contractions within about 10 minutes, so rushed to our local ER.

The pain was one of the most intense pains I have felt, and my entire leg swelled, as well as my throat and tongue. Unfortunately the antivenom is category D not safe this late in pregnancyas well as the typical pain medicine, so just a shot of Benadryl and Tylenol is allowed.

Going on 8 hours and my leg is still swollen and goes between throbbing from my toes to my upper inner thigh to shooting pains. Be careful while pregnant here in AZ. In my home, a mama AZ bark scorpion with babies on her back fell on me from the ceiling.

I was stung multiple times by the babies babies don't know how to control their venomso I ended up with quite a lot of venom. I was 25 weeks pregnant, so went to the hospital. I had severe symptoms. Muscle spasms, eye-roving, head to toe tingling numbness. By the third hour, I started having contractions every 2 minutes and started becoming hysterical because I thought we were going to lose the baby. They wanted to give me morphine, but being pregnant Continue reading refused.

Valley toddler stung by scorpion: Symptoms to be aware of

They finally has to sedate me and it helped to slow the contractions which finally stopped on their own by hour 7 when other symptoms subsided. My sting sites remained numb to the touch for over 2 months. It was a terrifying situation. Everything was gone the next day.

Had to leave for the airport in 10 minutes and was stung on the outside of my left foot just below the little toe. I yelped and jumped, didn't see anything, but knew immediately that a scorpion had stung me.

There was nothing I could do, so I took Ibuprofen and headed for the airport. Immediate pain in the foot from the sting and then painful numbness and tingling that progressed up to the ankle. Since we were traveling, I wasn't able to do anything for it until 6 hours later. Took a Tylenol and Benadryl and was able to walk on it, though it was uncomfortable and painful. It felt like extreme pins and needles, intensified every time I bumped the foot, and was numb in the area of the sting.

I Just Got Stung By A Scorpion

It gradually receded and was finally gone by the next day at 2: Wish I could have iced and elevated the foot, but it wasn't an option. I was stung this morning during my workout. I was in my living room, felt like I had stepped on a nail or tack or something. Thought nothing of it at first, then the burning sensation started and I knew it wasn't a nail.

What Causes the Sting?

I couldn't see anything on my toe, but the burning sensation got worse. I put my foot in running water and let it run. I knew it was a scorpion; my husband found it. Five hours later, I have a tingly sensation, feels kind of like my foot is fat but it is not swollenand occasionally there is a sharp pain.

I don't feel anything anywhere other then my foot. My three-year-old little girl was stung in her bed. I called right away because I've been stung before and I know the risk for children, I Just Got Stung By A Scorpion transferred me to poison control and after talking to them for about 30 mins they decided the best option was for the fire dept.

They determined she would be OK. She has been complaining of arm pain and tongue pain for 24 hours now http://hookuptime.me/b/funny-text-to-text-a-girl.php won't stop crying.