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9 Jan The USP: Their mantra and methodology is explained thus: 'Each day at noon, guys will receive up to 21 quality matches – known as “Bagels”. They are given the option to either LIKE or PASS. Then, Coffee Meets Bagel will curate the best potential matches for women among the men who expressed. 17 Oct Whether you're looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, these Asian dating apps will help you find true love. app on Android. There's a free version, ThaiJoop Free, as well as a premium version called ThaiJoop+. The paid app has ads removed and some extra features and functionality over the free version. 4 Oct I feel like I should be, but it's also soothing to see a girl with a tasteful outfit looking cute at me. Hold on, getting screen grab [IMG].

Creepy Asian Hookup Ads December 20, 8: I accidentally hit the site without logging in, and was subjected to a "Meet Pretty Thai Girls" ad. It gives the site a very bad vibe. Did you grab a screenshot or URL? If we can identify the ad, we can block it. Yeah we don't control the ads but we can definitely tell Google to stop serving us the ones that are offensive. Grab the URL and email it to us and we'll handle it. Log out, search for "thai girls" in the search box, and behold the ads you get back.

Dasein's procedure worked for me, I got roughly the same adds in Dutch. Please grab the URLs and email them to us and then mathowie can pass them on to his ad people. That's the only way we can get them blocked.

Honestly though I bet those ads come up on any website where you search Thai see more. I bet Matt and the Mods also the name of the new band I'm starting can ban these sites but I bet 8 more would just come up in the search results if they please click for source. I am searching for hot Asian beauties.

The advert sounds far more salacious than the delivered page. But it comes up in every search. Yeah, I don't think this is appropriate. If you're trying to hook up with "Hot Thai Girls", you can just spend an AskMe question on improving your OKcupid profile like everybody else. Sounds like you've got some info already, but: Searching for just " thai " didn't bring up anything too weird, for what it's worth.

Yeah, I mean we have zero problem with blocking the stuff people report, but I would say that to the degree that we can practically deal with sketchy ads on the site it Why Do I Get Asian Hookup Ads make more sense to keep an eye out for and report ads that actually appear in threads than to go hunting for the sketchy periphery of stuff that shows up when actively plugging in sketch-bait search terms.

I thought maybe this was triggered by the recent " how to write about Indonesia " post, but I don't see anything sketchy there, either.

My Fake Female Ad You've probably guessed by now that the experiences for heterosexual men and women on Craigslist's casual encounters are quite different. An alleged woman will write a man saying she's interested, but that because of the Craigslist-based serial killers and rapists in the news, she needs some extra assurance that it's safe. Basically I paid about ten bucks to have the privilege of talking to a robot. Misterico Limited September 14,

They should rate these hot Thai girls on that one-to-five scale the Thai restaurants use. I sent a few examples via the contact form of the ads I've occasionally seen, and could Why Do I Get Asian Hookup Ads examples of right now too.

Also, I hadn't really registered that the contact form is a thing, and first needlessly memailed a mod directly. Yeah, I'll add these to the banned list of advertisers. It's weird we already block about two dozen weirdo "russian mail order bride" ads from the system, but since it is by URL, any new URL can be a new ad that gets around it.

I'll start blocking things now. If you ever spot an objectionable ad, just note the URL of where the ad goes and send us an email to the contact form that you saw an ad for "creepywebsite. Man I was really hoping that "creepywebsite. Noticed this this web page other day not here while searching for the words vietnamiesiska fack ie, vietnamese and trade union. Google asked me did I want to search for vietnamese fuck.

You get the "hot asian ladies" if you search for vietnamese or thai on the site link it looks like you've got the links already. I don't see what the problem is. Y'all's responsiveness to this is absolutely appreciated. One of the many reasons that it's worth all of the necessary learning curves to participate here.


At least anecdotally this does seem to be much more of an issue since the switch in advertisers. I am not sure what you mean; we've been using Adsense for in-thread ads for a long time now and that hasn't changed. No idea what you are talking about. There has been no switch on our side at all. If anyone lives is Russia I am willing to be a mail order American husband. In fact, something like the opposite seems to be the case, at least to me.

Why Guys Like Asian Girls // Anna Akana

We've always I think? There were a number of problems with that, as I recall.

But ever since logged-in people started to see only ads from The Deckit's been pretty smooth sailing; their ads are invariably tasteful and even informative, and I've been really impressed with how much that has improved the quality of the Metafilter experience. If Samantha Fox was a mod, these ads would never get banned. We'd be all "these ads are gross; can you block them? Nah, Thai Girls need love too. If you do a Google image search for just "Asian," the results will make you pretty bummed about people.

That is what "Asian" is to a lot of people. Anyway, just want to say, it's great to see that MetaFilter is doing what it can to keep that shit out of the site. Seriously, avoid the spicy hot Thai girls. Genitals and chiles really don't mix. I know it's hilarious that Thai is also a kind of food but maybe enough with the hot spicy jokes? Why, are they beyond the bounds of good taste?

Let me know if you require more Why Do I Get Asian Hookup Ads on this point. Feel free to also let me know if this is a joke that you were making that I have somehow missed, because my sarcasm-meter is out of whack this click. Either one of us did a whois through one of the registrars that immediately snaps up those domains read more people whois through them so sleazy!

Does this mean you've been blocking the ads for my site, nakedcolourfulswans. What, my money's not good enough for you? I would like to register a formal complaint about the Deck ads because they turned me on to Fab. I think the basic point has been communicated — email the mods the URL if we see an offensive advertisement on the site so they can block it.

We don't really need to talk much more about this. That was too good of a name to pass up. And with some well placed Why Do I Get Asian Hookup Ads codes it was less than a fancy-ass Starbucks coffee for a year. I doubt I will ever make any money off of it, but I expect to have a lot of fun doing stupid crap with it with friends. Oh and the only reason I didn't fess up earlier was because i was called away right after registering.

Entertainment Like Follow Follow. Do the emails start with the phrase "me so horny"? And with that, you're in. I don't even have anyone in my area.

I must admit to being surprised at the here level in this thread. I'm sorry for adding to the grar and I hope everyone gets a nice break over the next few weeks. It will be until my patent is granted. A method and process for defusing Yick's from Laosbroomhead. Yeah this is a bit of a problem. When I lurk AskMefi without signing-in, it's obvious that this Google Ads character is often at odds with the general policies of Metafilter.

Why Do I Get Asian Hookup Ads

People ask about how to leave their partner? Google Ads drops in a comment about divorce lawyers or Ukrainian blonds. Which is exactly how the Google machine is supposed to work, but it occurs to me that more often than not such "comments", if made by a member of the community, would be immediately deleted as being inappropriate and such repeated attempts as made by Google Ads would lead to a ban.

I get that banning this Google Ads guy would be bad for continue reading, but it is unfair and inegalitarian. What kind of jerk doesn't like meeting pretty Thai girls?

A White Man's Guide to Dating Asian Girls

I like to imagine that by "pretty Thai," they just mean that these girls are, like, you know, awfully Thai. They are quite Thai. They're pretty Thai, as far as that kind of thing goes. Ninety-nine and forty-four hundredths percent Thai? Glad this was taken care of. Sorry for the lack of screenshot, but my computer crashed, I got horribly sick, and then swept away on Christmas vacation.

Why Do I Get Asian Hookup Ads

Thanks to the folks who were on top of it, and to the mods. You are not logged in, either login or create an account to post comments.