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MongoDB driver examples & tips for Mongoid 3

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Mongoid 5, which runs on top of the MongoDB Ruby driver, has been released. We highly recommend upgrading to the latest driver - this article is now outdated. Please reach out to support mongolab. Many of the support requests we get at MongoLab are questions about how to properly configure and use particular MongoDB drivers.

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This blog post is the first of a series where we plan to cover each of the major MongoDB drivers in depth. The driver we'll be covering today is Mongoid, developed by Durran Jordan modetojoy. One major reason developers use ODMs like Mongoid is that it gives them the ability to define a schema for their documents which can then be used to map documents to objects in their programming language. With Mongoid, this feature serves as an easy transition for Ruby on Rails developers used to working with ActiveRecord.

Mongoid, and the lower-level Moped driver it is written on top of, is one of the only major language drivers not written by MongoDB, Inc. However, because it is the most popular Ruby driver Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Digging Through Trash Cartoon MongoLab users, we get a lot of support requests on how to configure and use this driver properly with MongoLab.

This post will help you understand how to configure and use Mongoid effectively in your MongoDB application. You can find a straightforward example on connecting, inserting, updating and querying using Mongoid in MongoLab's Language Center. We often see that users have problems connecting to MongoLab using the Mongoid driver. The root cause is almost always incorrect configuration of the driver, particularly around timeouts. In Mongoid, a mongoid.

The following are the MongoLab-recommended settings for version 3 of Mongoid:. Additional options can be found here. This option sets the number of seconds to cache information about a node - the default time is seconds, or 5 minutes. If you just click for source Mongoid's default consistency setting, Mongoid will direct reads to secondaries.

This is often not desirable for a number of reasons. In particular, secondary reads can often result in:. Replication from the primary to the secondary is not instantaneous.

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Therefore queries to a secondary may not reflect changes from preceding database operations and can return unexpected results. You must think about whether eventual consistency semantics are appropriate for your application before using secondary reads.

Slow or failed reads during index builds.

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MongoDB only supports foreground index builds on secondaries, which blocks other operations while the indexes are building. If you initiate an index build on a running deployment, queries you send to the secondary will hang. Slow or failed reads during backups or snapshots. Most backup techniques involve locking or stopping a secondary MongoDB instance.

If you are using secondary reads queries you send to the secondary will hang. An overloaded primary, if continue reading secondary node goes down or becomes unreachable. Directing reads to the secondary increases read throughput and reduces load on the primary. However when a secondary node fails, all reads and writes are issued to the primary.

These extra operations can significantly increase load and topple the database. This error is thrown whenever Mongoid has difficulty making a connection.

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It's normal to see this error thrown multiple times in succession as Mongoid will retry the connection creation based on your mongoid. In many cases the default value of 5 seconds for this timeout will be adequate. But often, users who are running their app with a Platform-as-a-Service PaaSsuch as Heroku, will find that their driver often needs longer to establish a connection to the database, particularly when dynos are just starting up.

For this reason we recommend allowing up to 30 sec for connections to become established. Most MongoDB drivers have separate settings for connection timeouts how long to wait to establish a connection and socket timeouts how long to wait for a response from the database when issuing operations, like a query. This can be problematic since you often want a short and finite connection timeout but often you will wait to wait much longer often indefinitely for results from queries.

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Does Dave And Busters An Age With our recommended connection timeout setting of 30 sec you may find your driver prematurely giving up on queries that take longer link 30 Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Digging Through Trash Cartoon. Revisiting our simple example, the find query can be rewritten as the following to ensure that the cursor will not timeout.

When using Sidekiq for background processing jobs in conjunction with Mongoid, it's important to be aware that each job will prompt the creation of a new connection. At lower numbers this behavior is fine but once you get into thousands of connections you need to use connection poolingwhich Mongoid does not directly support. We've directed our users to this thread on the issue, which discusses the problems that arise and proposes a solution for reusing connections.

As with all MongoDB queries, it's important to make sure right indexes are in place for optimal performance. We hope this post helps shed light on some of Mongoid's quirks. If you have any tips and tricks that you'd like to share please post in comments or write to us at support mongolab. Indeed it has, thanks for letting us know! This post featured common issues we saw from customer support tickets- no issues from Mongoid 4 yet!

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MongoDB driver tips & tricks: Mongoid 3

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