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are you getting borreeed? to beat the boredom, ek game ho jaye, its so simple. you just need to change the lyrics of bollywood hookuptime.me:ORIGINAL:Tum paas ayae yun muskuraye tum ne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye ab to mera dil jaage na soota ps: make this thread as funny as possible Big smile. YOU ARE READING. Bollywood Jokes. Random. Hey guyz this is my first ever writeup. I just love the Bollywood and also the Bollywood jokes. so I am going to write some of them absolutely they are not written by me I am going to fetch them by internet. Aur haan mai jyaada jokes Hindi me likhne #bollywood #funny # hindi. The most difficult part of writing your own lyrics is finding a suitable song to work with. Gather a bunch of songbooks containing well known tunes. Look at the titles and change a word or two to make them funny or different Here are some examples: “Dancing in the Dark” becomes “Dancing in the Mud.” “A Bicycle Built for.

Because we all have a lot of feelings, and life confuses us all. To this day, we're not sure anyone has described our confusion about life better than Green Day. Most of us aren't entirely sure what the lyrics even mean, but damn they speak to us and our two-week relationships in middle school. Because if this wasn't played at some point during your senior year of high school, you probably didn't go to school.

Then, we lost touch. Because no one has ever made you feel more empowered to fight for your man than Brandy and Monica. This song is iconic for everyone who has ever had to tell someone to back the hell off your man. It's also iconic even if you haven't had to do that, tbh. Because there will never be a better song to cry to when thinking about your broken heart. All the feelings, all the memories. Whitney is there for you.

Changing Song Lyrics To Make Them Funny

Because relationships don't always go our way. Luckily, the Backstreet Boys are there for you with this song. Also, this is a great karaoke song. No one makes you feel better about a breakup like Alanis does. Because you'll never have more fun singing lyrics that actually don't make any sense.

Zig a zig ahh. Everybody makes mistakes, even JT. Chances are, you probably listened to this with a candle lit mourning the loss of Britney and Justin. Because sometimes you want to feel miserable and depressed. And when that time comes, Celine is there for you.

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Try not to cry, I dare you. Because we all need to celebrate the hell out of our bodies, and Sir Mix-A-Lot allowed us to do so. Also because no one will ever speak to their friend Becky the same way again. Because not all of us are the sharpest tools in the shed, but this song reminds us all that we're ALL all-stars, anyway.

Because we all need someone to save us at some point in our lives. And when we find that person, we need a song for them. Because TLC unknowingly sang directly to our souls without us even realizing it.

25 Song Lyrics Every '90s Kid Will Never Forget

Because No Doubt is flawless, as is Gwen, and this song reminds us all that our words are sometimes unnecessary. Because we thought we would be with our high school sweethearts forever, and when we weren't, this song was still a damn JAM.

Don't make me do this again. All poke fun at the way that their genre's performers sing, act and view the world. He was never very good with original album covers

Because Lauryn is a goddess, and no one has ever delivered warnings so beautifully before. Because being a woman is pretty damn awesome, and this song helps prove that to the world.

Because even though you can't pronounce the name of this song, it will always be there to pick you back up when you get knocked down. Just make sure there's at least 10 inches between you and your partner.

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Changing Song Lyrics To Make Them Funny

Share On link Share On link. This song is the definition of relationship goals. Because the world is our runway, and Madonna reminds us to always strike a pose.

Bristol Palin slams figure skater Adam Rippon for If you get stuck, take a break. Heaven ain't close in a place like this Wait Send a heartbeat to The void that here through you Relive the pictures that have come to pass For now we stand alone The world is lost and blown And we are flesh and blood disintegrate With no more to hate.

Because no '90s party was complete without the playing of this song. Listen to all of these songs here: View this track on Spotify.