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27 May Man A: No. I actually started with dating girls my age. I hooked up with a year- old when I was 18, so I was always into it per se, but I didn't really start You don 't expect someone who is so much older to have so much in common with you or the desire to connect with you the way some older women do. I have totally fallen in love with a man who is twice my age! I am 25 and he is I have known him about 8 years in total and we have always been good friends, and socialised together, but recently we have become closer. We seem to connect on every level, we can sit and laugh and chat about anything, for hours on end. 4 Mar I'm 18 and I recently met this man who's He asked me out on a date and I said I'll get back to him. I told him my age and he is absolutely fine with it. I don't think I have anything in common with a man of that age, and he probably needs someone who's more mature and responsible than I am anyway.

Namechanged and edited some details so as not to "out" myself to those here who know me in RL. I have totally fallen in love with a man who is twice my age!

We Have A great Connection. So the future was kind of implied. I don't think its normal for a woman to want a man more than 10 years older, at the most.

I am 25 and he is I have known him about 8 years in total and we have always been good friends, and socialised together, but recently we have become closer. We seem to connect on every level, we can sit and laugh and chat about anything, for hours on end.

He is fantastic with my DS 8 and enjoys spending time with us both, going out and staying in for lazy days at home.

Hookup A Man Double My Age

He is very kind, sweet and caring and has told me he feels the same about me. I have always thought age is just a number and shouldn't make any difference. However, now it is me in the situation I am starting to have doubts. I think I owe it to myself and my son to think about this carefully, but I really don't know what to think. I have spoken about this to my best friend, who was very supportive but raised two points when I asked her for her honest thoughts. She knows I want to have more kids and said that although he has said he wants kids, perhaps he is getting a bit too old to be able to be an active and involved parent.

What about the future, she pointed out that in 20 years time Read more will be 45 and he will be nearly 70, that he is quite likely to die before me and that I may well face the rest of my life without him. But she has me doubting things now. AIBU in choosing a man twice my Hookup A Man Double My Age to spend my life with? Anyone been in this situation and had it work would love some encouragement.

BUT, if you love him enough and can't imagine yourself without him, then go for it and see what happens. The being an "older father" and him being "elderly" whilst you're still relatively young WOULD bother me, but then again I'm not in love with him- only you can decide if these things don't bother you enough to consider.

I think that if you've met someone that you love and Hookup A Man Double My Age loves you, then that is not to be taken for granted. Some people spend all their lives and never have the wonderful relationship that you have. What your friend has said is go here, but no one can predict what is in store for us.

All sorts of things could happen. I think it's too late now anyway. You have met him, you have fallen in love. Would leaving him now, on the basis of what might happen in the future, make you happier or unhappier?

When researching my family tree last year I discovered that my great-grandfather, at the grand old age of 72, married a 37 year-old woman. More recently my friend in his early fifties married a woman in her early thirties. They've now got a 1 year-old and another on the way.

The thing about old age is that it happens to everyone sooner or later and if you're in a relationship with someone you're not that fond of, pushing them around in the proverbial bath chair is a pain in the arse. So just make sure you really like the person you choose to be with And what if you decide for those reasons not to stay with this man? If neither of you ever finds someone else you will both have lost the chance of a loving relationship. Nobody knows what lies around the corner.

You've been given a chance of happiness with a man you love so grab it. As long as he feels the same click the following article about you and is free of any other committments.

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My DH has 48 when DD was born. He is still young at heart which is important. Right now we can't keep away from each other! You aren't being unreasonable at all but your friend has raised some valid points. Only you can decide if they are 'deal breakers'. From a personal point of view, there is a seventeen year age gap between my DH and I and I hardly notice - most of the time. We have been together for six years, married for three, have a three year old and one on the way.

He sometimes worries about his age given that we have started a young family but we both decided that it was worth him being an Hookup A Man Double My Age Dad.

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I on the other hand married a man 13 years younger, and we lasted 4 years! I think age is not really relevant - people can be 'old' at 20, or 'young' at 60! If he is "getting a bit too old to be able to be an active and involved parent" I dread to think what that makes me I had my son when I was nearly 40 and I can assure you I was very active and involved!

He's got here bit of life under his belt, all 'spring urges' should be over and done with, and he sounds great.

Neil was 39 and I was 21 when we visit web page, we were doing great I'm now 33 in a couple of weeks and my dp is 52, we're doing great I dont think age is an issue.

My husband is 13 years older than me. Quite a scandal when I was 19 and he was 32!

Hookup A Man Double My Age

Initially my parents were a bit concerned and friends felt a bit awkward when we were out socially etc. But thankfully that didnt last for too long. When people see that someone is genuine and cares for you, thats what matters. If you have an 8 yr old ds, then my guess is you are a bit more mature in attitude than some 25 year olds.

We have been together for 15 years, married for the last 10 and have 5 dc. My husband was 46 when our last dc was born, I dont think of him as an 'older father'. Life doesnt work out perfect just because people are the same age when they marry.

People change, people become ill, unfortunately people die young. Many of my friends have lost parents in various circumstances in recent years, but both dh parents are still alive. Without sounding trite, I firmly believe its the life in your years, not the years in your life that matters. Same for my aunt and her partner, big age gap but they adored each other. And yes sadly she passed away before him, contrary to everyone's expectations.

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He's in his mids now and still a very involved dad to their 2 kids who are early 20s. I think age is irrelevant and Hookup A Man Double My Age are very fortunate to have met someone you connect with so well.

I wish you all the luck in the world. Why should age matter? Oh and 49 is not old. Im 46 and still feel early 20's. It is not age that is the barrier but your way of thinking. Take the opportunity to be happy. Well it wouldn't work for me but that's cos the guy would be almost 80 My best friend has been in a 13 year relationship with a guy who is 61 and she is 34 so there is a considerable age difference.

DH is 13 years older than me I'm 40 hes 53 we've been together nearly 22 years, however when I was 16 I went out with and eventually moved in with a man of 44 when my dad found out he threatened to kill him and he meant it we fell out for about 3 years first of many fall outs wasn't until they found out I was with my now DH that they started speaking again.

The only problem I have ever seen with 'May to December' relationships is later on in life when, say, you get to 50 years old and he is in his 70's. It's happened to a couple of people I know.

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My husband is 53 and I am For me it's increased! I am 27 and my boyfriend is Does she want sexual satisfaction or a boyfriend?

She was still a relatively 'young' something and age had taken it's toll on her something husband. She got frustrated that he was 'old' and couldn't accept that there were certain things he couldn't do anymore.

They didn't split up, but it was a major bone of Hookup A Man Double My Age for a few years. Of course this could happen to anyone. People change, and some somethings can still scale a wall So see more, of course it can work! If you love each other and have such a wonderful "connection", and feel you want to be with him then go for it.

None of us can predict our future probably just as well! It's not as if you don't know him really well! As long as you are sure that even if you are lucky enough to be together for 20 years the "gap" won't bother you then you have nothing to worry about. I wish you much happiness together. It's not till you reach your 40's or 50's or whatever that you truly understand that you don't change that much, over the years.

I was 30 and went out with a man of He was handsome, physically fit, mature in a way that my former boyfriends were not! We didn't stay together. I wanted to marry not him per se and have children. He was divorced and had kids in their early twenties Nothing sinister, you understand, I am a happily married lady now with a young son but, I have been aware of him, over the years.

He is now 69yrs old. He is still physically fit, and I would imagine, interesting and great company.

He is retired from his job as a doctor but I know he does work abroad and lives now between Saudi and the Maldives. My point is, age is not an issue if you have common goals. If you have that wonderful connection and it is love, don't get bogged down in the age thing.

I spent twelve very happy years with a man thirty eight years older than me. It was wonderful and i don't regret it for a single second.