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12 February Ian Hecox and Melanie Moat photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. 7 Oct "I hope Joven is okay," Mari said as she sat down at the table opposite Sohinki. Next to them, Flitz and Anthony were opposite each other, and at the end of the table Ian and Lasercorn were failing miserably at subtlety as they ran their feet up and Before saying a word he pulled his boyfriend in for a kiss. Olivia Sui (pronounced 'Sway') (born August 14, ) is a Chinese-American actress and regular Smosh cast member. She was officially added to the Smosh cast in March of She is part of the Smosh Squad and was a co-host of Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover with Courtney Miller until the series was.

Melanie Moat born April 12, is Ian Hecox 's ex-girlfriend. She and Ian first met through the Smosh forums, although they barely knew each other.

Is Ian From Smosh Hookup Mari

In the summer ofwhile visiting a friend in Sacramento, Melanie met Ian for the first time in person. The two hung out and "really hit it off.

Is Ian From Smosh Hookup Mari

They were in a long distance relationship for a couple years, due to Melanie previously living in New Jersey as well as attending college, until she moved to Sacramento in early to live with Ian. She used to write articles for the Smosh website, however she stopped in Melanie has remained involved with Smosh's audience through social media platforms.

I mean c'mon, me and Anthony have read way worse stuff about us. If you log in you can click your preference and never be asked again. It was revealed in Hot Tub Truth or Dare that Olivia hadn't paid a good amount of her driving tickets recently, resulting in her driving license suspended and a warrant out for her arrest. Lasersorn finished eating first, having started stuffing his face before even sitting down, and after swallowing his last bite, he caught Ian's eye then glanced at his watch and proclaimed, "Well, I'd better get going, I have

They likely broke up on September 12,which Melanie annouced via Twitter that day, saying http://hookuptime.me/ga/how-can-you-tell-if-a-guy-wants-more-than-a-hookup.php it was something they both wanted and that it had been a great 7 years. Melanie is in Boxman Loses the Election where she plays the girl at the beginning who gives Boxman the phone with Barack Obama on the line.

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If you look closely in the " Boxman for President " video you can see her as the woman pushing the baby stroller. She is also featured in an older smosh video teaching you how to focus your video camera. However, she has a job in or around New Jersey, which here rendered her too busy for vlogging or making videos.

Unlike Kalel's channel, vlogs of Ian and her still remain on Melaine's channel with no plans of being removed.

Melanie enjoys art and photography. She has painted most of the wall art hanging in the Smosh House. Although many fans requested for Melanie to create a YouTube channel, she refused for a while, claiming she is "not funny on video".

However, she made a vlogging channel insaying "I've never vlogged before, so this is going to be a learning experience. I'm really good at talking and that's what vlogging is all about.


Melanie had grown popular among Smosh fans due to her sarcastic humor. Games Movies TV Wikis.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. One of the many photos when they recently vacationed to France. Melanie in the background of Ian's instagram video. Retrieved from " http: April 12, age Ian Hecox - Anthony Padilla. Antoinette Padilla - Stephen - Mr. Sparky - Ian's Cat - Ian's Lizard.

Weither they're single or not the only thing that should matter is that they are happy. Before she was introduced as a squad member, she participated in a Vine dealing with kissing and double word entendres where she gets Ian and Anthony to agree to kiss by effortlessly persuading them to believe they would both only kiss her. This shows that Ian also has a sensitive side.