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After she broke up with her previous boyfriend, she slept with one of her friends a few times. This was in October/November of last year. . this girl i used to be fuk buddies with has a bf for like 3 months now, and keeps bugging me about hanging out. i know im going to fuk her again, its just a matter of time. Re: girlfriend hooked up with friend. Thanks PhoenixDown, your advice helped. Just to clarify a few things though: -I had no illusion that she was a sweet, innocent virgin, and I've had sex with enough people to where I don't feel like I missed out on anything (not in a bathroom at a party, mind you, but i've. We've come to equate sex with "the woman giving something valuable to the man ", which you might notice is kind of fucked up. But that doesn't stop the nagging feeling: this gift that is so special to me, she's also given it to my friend - does that make it less special? Her body that is so sacred and cherished to me, my friend.

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Okay, Ive been with my girlfriend 5 months now, and everything is going great. She is 21, and im the 8th guy she had sex with. She cried over this a few times and told me she regrets her past. A few months ago she told me I was her 7th, which bothered me at the time, I got over it then the other night it got brought up, and she now told me im her 8th and she miscounted last time.

Girlfriend Used To Hook Up With Friend

So I kept pushing it saying am I really your 8th or is it gonna go up again. So she was crying saying she wishes I was her 1st. This has really been bothering me, because she had a bf for 2 years before me, he was her 7th supposedly which doesnt bother me much because he was a long term bf. The other 6 bother me, because they either werent boyfriends, or they were really short term relationships.

She said she was a V until 18, then dated her last ex from So basically she has been through 6 guys in the year she was My relationship is going great with her and she has been very loyal to me. Its just really been bothering me lately that why is she something special to me and someone I love, but just a good time for 6 other people in the past? Why wasn't she good enough to be something special for them?

And it bothers me that she gave it up so easily in the past, and It especially bothers me because it makes me feel like maybe im not as special as I think. She gets upset over it and claims she was young and stupid and didn't know any better and thought sex would make someone fall in love with you. But it just bothers me that she made the same mistake 6 times?

And let me just say, that she has way more sexual experience click the following article me. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters.

Brandon Send a private message. I am actually in the same boat and I did end up losing her due to the amount of times I made her cry regarding the subject but now we are back together and I realized the bigger picture and I wanna share it with you, hopefully it can help you. It's best not to dwell on the past openly, if you're gonna dwell at Girlfriend Used To Hook Up With Friend do it alone and don't bring it up to her bc it seems like when you do bring it up to her, you make her cry.

Girlfriend Used To Hook Up With Friend

I know it's not intentional, bc again I did the same thing. And believe me it still messes with me, I still think about it even almost a year later but it doesn't get to any point where it can ruin us. I just kinda push the thought aside with reason and change in perspective. I put myself in her shoes and I know she regrets sleeping with the two previous guys. She only slept with them click they promised her something just to get laid.

It's them I am mad at and not her bc it's not her fault, she was young and made mistakes it happens. They are the ones that lied to a girl and made false promises in order to get laid.

Listen man, article source said she has told you she regrets it. You bringing it up and handling it the way you do only makes it worse for her.

If you keep treating her that way, she will leave. It happened to me. Just realize what you got such as I did. I love my girlfriend so much, and I hope you love yours. With that being said, don't let the negative thoughts take over your life or Ruin a beautiful thing. You have that gold medal that the other 9 guys failed to get.

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This reply is hidden because of its low rating. Click here to show. You know what you're talking about. And being in the same boat; from this I'm learning. In my opinion I'd say bring it up once more but to let her know that you intend to never bring it up again.

Somewhere along the lines of "I'm see more it up because I want you to understand that it's been my own insecurities, these men were at fault but I want you to be able to let go of the shame, you were young and naive and for that you shouldn't not feel ashamed because we are human side note: She must just understand that it's your hope. The reason the number changed from 7 to 8 is probably because counting makes her remember and remembering hurts and she doesn't like to hurt.

So her intention wasn't to lie to you, but to protect herself while trying to be honest. She came back with a new number for Girlfriend Used To Hook Up With Friend reason, because lying to you hurt more than remembering. That says something about how she feels about you. Weird I'm seeing all this now, while I'm in the same boat.

Glove Send a private message. Hey man i know its old, maybe all of this is over, past is not the past as everyone says, past, present and future are with us, sometimes people really do things and dont think about consequences or think it will never catch them, as long as she learned her lesson i do think its possible to work all of this out.

Male in Austin, TX. So it bothers you that she fucked 6 random guys in a year when she was barely legal, yet you're cool with her getting dick from a guy for two whole years because they called it a "relationship"? If you like her now, stop jumping on her about where she's been and what and who she's done.

DirkDiggler Send a private message. You have learned nothing. You went back and are still having problems? That's your wake up call. Also, she wasn't "tricked," she made her own decisions, my thirsty lad.

Your relationship is doomed to failure. Jabaz Send a private message. I am 29 and she is thirty four. We just met and had the good times for few months. I am seriously thinking about marrying her in the future and few months back, I found her old phone and later her album which changes my impression of her as a nice lady to sexual adventures. Click here thing to say with the background I grow up, we tend to restrict women morally more than men.

Napa - wine country Posts: Maybe she knew but she never thought she would have fallen in love with you. We just met and had the good times for few months. We are all shaped by our experiences into the person that we are now. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Since we are all mostly created by the environment, still then I was okay until I found out about Girlfriend Used To Hook Up With Friend old phone and album. I will share one from her phone. She met a guy which he claims he works in bank and play football. They had sex possibly in his car after two meetings and that guy did nasty stuff which I am not sure I can tell it here.

I still love her dearly and I cannot man up about her past. Wilde Send a private message. Amouse Send a private message. This is by far the worst approach to a subject like this. He isn't the only male to experience this. Why judge him for the way his heart feels Ok you need to think long and hard because this is going to haunt you for the rest of your life, literally It goes away but it somehow comes back.

I say this because I am in a relationship here my gf send nudes and to a "random" and they were leaked.

Fortunately she was 16 and can't get them posted anywhere legally but she did lie to me about it and I kinda lost trust in her word so I'm constantly wondering if the stories of her are true But none the less I do love Girlfriend Used To Hook Up With Friend and am willing to put it aside because with a relationship you will have bad experiences some worse than others but you can't let those bad moments cloud all the great times you have had with her. With that being said it's really a matter of how much you actually love her this is why I say think long and link and if you don't think you can let go then let o of her your not a bad person for doing it because your looking for your happiness as are many others but right now you have to think about solely you and ask yourself am I mentally strong enough to stop thinking of her as something that I morally hate?

Is it OK To Go For People Who Have A History With Your Friends?

If not I you have your answer. Tbh I respect you not many other guys out there are able to say they are a good guy with great morals. Good luck and please don't listen to all this feminists talking about how wrong you are for thinking this they only see their side and love to bash males especially the good ones. Yeah this is aweful. You're making it seem as if he were shaming her when actually he's stating that she keeps bringing it up.

It's an honest question, 'how do I get over this feeling'. The second part of your statement though is true. About how the world expects sex in a relationship. But leaving the past in the past isn't the answer because that's sweeping I think under the rug.

Girlfriends sexual past bothers me... what do i do?

If it stays that way it'll trip someone up eventually. If you're unable to see this I'd suggest looking at what you might've gone through because like the person before me commented, working on yourself is important. You seem angry as if he wants to break up with her when he just wants to understand. BenjaminG Send a private message. Actually what Wilde said is correct. She said he is "shaming" for her past because he can't handle it.

He says, in passive voice which is usually a way to dodge responsibility, "I got over it then the other night it got brought up, and she now told me im her 8th and she miscounted last time. My guess is you've come from another board and think you're on a brave mission to click disagrees. Congrats you Girlfriend Used To Hook Up With Friend get over that women have sex and mostly not with you.