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Car Home Up Hook Amp In

How to connect a car amplifier to computer power supply in house - TUTORIAL

2 Aug Proud to be the first on instructables regarding HU's I'm going to show you how to wire up a car amplifier and headunit in your house without the need for a battery.. . This will allow a simpler design, less cluttered appearance and easier hook up. Another power supply note, screw it they're all power supply. 3 Oct I have an w Fosgate amp and two 12" Fosgate Punch subs. I had them hooked up in my truck before I sold it and got a new car and i don't really want to but my subs in there. I know how to hook the subs up in a vehicle so the only thing I dont know how to do is hook the amp to a power supply. Is there. Check out this overview of a typical installation to see the steps involved when you install an amplifier in your vehicle.

Car audio amps, particularly sub amps can sure be demanding, but they assume they have a battery on the power supply too. This instructable will allow you to wire in the following configurations: Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

This easy to follow silent and accurate video will guide you quickly and easily through what you'll need, like a Power Supply, a sound system that has a Subwoofer Pre-output and a High Input adapter, which may already come with your amp. First learn what colored wires should be connected to simulate your PC starting.

It is recommended to use a sound system which has an out put specifically for the sub woofer. Christopher Lee Silver Member Username: Is there anything else Http://hookuptime.me/guqi/what-does-head-over-heels-in-love-mean.php can use to get the power I need? Posted on Friday, September 02, - You may be thinking "wait, don't cars have speakers that don't run through an amp?

Then connect the amp to the power supply to simulate the car Head-Unit starting. Once the power issues are handled, the video assists you with connecting your audio input. It is recommended to use a sound system which has an out put specifically for the sub woofer. However, if you don't have this, then the video will instruct you on an alternative method as well.

Hook Up Car Amp In Home

Locate the sub woofer positive and negative cables. There are no standards on what color these cables will be, in this case they were brown and black.

Can i hook a car amp up to my home stereo? - hookuptime.me

Note, it is very important you identify these cables before cutting the sound cable. Once you've connected the sound cable you can finish attaching the rest.

Hook Up Car Amp In Home

Your left and right positive to your positive cable, your left and right negative to the negative cable. Lastly, wire your sub to the amp, plug your power supply into an outlet, get sound to your system and enjoy! Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

Wiring a Car Audio Amplifier and Headunit Up Indoors Using PC Power Supply: 8 Steps

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How to power a car amplifier with a laptop charger