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4 Oct How to install a propane pool heater for your swimming pool. If you can't get natural gas, you can sure as heck get propane!. A propane pool heater makes any pool water warmer and more enjoyable. ( Image: Propane Tank image by John Walsh from hookuptime.me). While it is possible to get used to a cool swimming pool, a warm water swimming environment is much more pleasant. Propane heaters make certain the water is warm enough to swim. Our above ground (approx gallon) pool was cold all last summer, so I got a used Hayward HD heater in the off-season. Seems like a basic DIY installation, but I could use some help with it. What are the PVC connections/ pipes needed to connect the filter to the heater, and then from the heater to.

How to Connect a Propane Pool Heater

Our above ground approx gallon pool was cold all last summer, so I got a used Hayward HD heater in the off-season. Seems like a basic DIY installation, but I could use some help with it. Do I simply plug it in and connect a lb not gallon propane tank to the heater using a common regulator and hose? Image of heater's inlet in comments. Thanks for any help or advice. But please let the gas company install the tank, gas piping, and connection to the heater. It's not worth it. It has like one connection for the gas line, and two connections for the water flow.

IMO it is about the same difficulty of connecting a gas grill or gas porch heater.

While it is possible to get used to a cool swimming pool, a warm water swimming environment is much more pleasant. Have a 14 by 20foot above ground pool. Want to add to the discussion? Your propane company will be able to advise you on the best tank size for you. Use V or V, and follow the instructions to connect power inside of the heater.

I'd hate to pay a pro hundreds of dollars to come out just to screw in two simple hoses. Or you could just say "I know it looks easy, but it isn't so get a pro" but being sarcastic is also a fantastic way to help out someone asking a question. That is what my first comment said. Then you wanted to tell me how easy it was, despite not having much experience to make that assessment.

It's not about how hard or easy the job is, but the spectacular liability of things going wrong. In my shop, as on the Internet, there is one job on a swimming pool I never recommend someone undertake: It's the only thing that can kill you if done wrong.

Well, I don't want to die by being an idiot, so I am going to have a plumber come out to hook up the propane tank to the heater.

Thanks for the help! Also, here electric for the pool should be done professionally. They had to bond everything together, and it would most likely be super stupid to attempt to DIY that as well.

Everything else, it just How Do You Hook Up A Propane Pool Heater work, or you'll get wet. Feel free to come here with any questions or problems, there are a few folks here who really know their stuff, and are pretty good about answering any questions.

This is how both the inlet and outlet threaded pipes on the heater look: All I use now is common 2" pool hoses with c-clamps on the ends. After looking at the picture you supplied more pictures would be very helpful in figuring see more what to do - pics of the existing equipment, gas line, electrical source, current equipment pad plumbing configuration, how much room is on the equipment pad Not to say the female threaded part, the part into the heater, isn't salvageable but it's liable to leak, so I recommend installing it with UNIONS in order that you can undo them and re-dope the fitting in the event of a leak probable.

Unnecessary on today's modern boilers the S80 pvc.

How Do You Hook Up A Propane Pool Heater

Some used to say that the extra thickness "saved" the pipe in a heat overrun, so I did a "study". The "study" concluded it was for my information only although I did relay the information to a fellow named Tom Apt that temperature overruns don't occur quickly, two or three seconds of scalding water, and that regardless of wall thickness, PVC will fail.

Use S CPVC nipples in the event of plumbing into an old heater usually available at the regular pool supply houses CPVC melts distends at a higher temp, in the event the savvy pool mechanic is making things as bulletproof as possible. How Do You Hook Up A Propane Pool Heater info and well written My comment was more geared towards ensuring the homeowner used proper plumbing components instead of ABS or flex pipe from Home Depot I will take more photos as soon as possible, but this is a great help.

It is a propane heater for sure. I will unscrew those connections and get a bunch more photos. It is in the garage at the moment. I haven't placed it near the pool yet, so I can put it anywhere nearby there is plenty of space around the pump and filter. Do pool supply stores carry all of this threaded PVC piping or is it all special order online? Thanks for the help!!!

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Propane Pool Heater?

Best place for schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings will be Home Depot, Lowes, Ace hardware, local plumbing supply shop if none of those exist Pipe, fittings, teflon tape or teflon pasteclear PVC cleaner, a medium bodied fast set PVC glue any color will work - blue sets VERY fast -- clear doesn't look messy -- grey sets very slowa decent hacksaw frame with an 18 tooth per inch blade Have the guy in the plumbing department show you how to make both threaded and glued connections - you'll be better for it!

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This way you will be able to safely connect the heater yourself. The water should be heated by burning the propane, if there are any leaks or anything isn't working correctly then you will need to diagnose the problem so that you can find out exactly what is wrong. A hacksaw should be used to cut through the pipe so that elbow joints can be fitted to direct the water towards the heater. Turn on the propane valves and fire up the heater.

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How Do You Hook Up A Propane Pool Heater

Want to add to the discussion? If you want to do the plumbing, ok. What do I know anyway?

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I just got my LP gas installers license last year I am 35 years old, and have worked in a pool store since I was It's a great industry. Now, we need more pics. I did mention it was a study done for my edification, didn't I?

May all your pools open clear, balanced, and customer pleasing!