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How My Parents React to Someone I'm Dating

10 Jun -I think you would really like my boyfriend once you get to know him. He is a really great guy. -My boyfriend, ______ is really eager to meet the two of you. - Mom, Dad, there is someone in my life who I would really like you to meet. -I have met someone that I really care about. We are both really fond of each. If your parents are not that orthodox then there's not a problem. Open minded parents will just ask you some questions about him to understand what's the guys like. My parents are also not that orthodox but they do frown upon. I told them about my. Overprotective parents usually have the best intentions but implement them in a way that suppresses your autonomy. This is especially true when you begin to explore relationships, as you gradually exert your independence from your parents and interdependence with someone else. If you have a boyfriend, you may fear.

At what point do you tell your parents you have a SO? October 3, We have radically different approaches to how much we tell our respective parents for what it's work, we're both in our late twenties.

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I talk to my parents a few times a week and let them know a few weeks in that I was dating someone. He hasn't let them know he's dating someone yet.

At what point do folks generally start telling parents they're seeing someone? I guess I want to know what the norms are, and what makes you feel ready or hesitant to share your dating life with your parents. For what it's worth, neither of us have met the other's folks, and we're pretty committed and spend a lot of time almost every evening together, but are not talking about the future at this moment since we're both going through some major life changes.

I feel a little insecure that he hasn't How To Tell My Parents About My Boyfriend them about me yet, but if not telling parents about a significant other is pretty normal this early on, I'll feel less awful about it. We both have solid relationships with our parents, though he doesn't talk to his folks nearly as often as I talk to mine.

It depends on the individual's relationship with their parents. I personally almost never told my mother about anyone I was dating and would not let her meet any of them, because it wasn't important to me or worth the hassle of dealing with her in any way.

I was pretty clear about explaining this "it's not you, it's her, trust me! I'm pretty sure this has absolutely nothing to do with you, and speaks more to your boyfriend's relationship with his parents.

Maybe he was raised in a family where his parents never asked him about dating. Maybe his parents want to hear how he is doing at work or school. There is no "generally" here.

How To Tell Your Parents Your Dating

Everyone is really quite different, and everyone has vastly different relationships with their parents. I almost never talk to my parents about my relationships, but that's about me and my parents, not about me and my relationships. My partner doesn't share a lot about his life with his parents. It took a long, long time for him to tell them he was in a please click for source relationship. Different folks are different in this respect.

Mine knew about two weeks in. I told my parents the day after my first date with my now-husband, and they met him a month later. My sister was dating her partner for over a year before she told anyone parents included about him.

It all depends upon the relationship with the parents. For me, I am extremely open with my parents in regards to the goings on in my life. My sister says I have "tell-daddy-everything-itis" and thinks I am insane. She hates feeling like they are meddling in her life so she keeps everything very close to the chest. Telling our parents represented to her a major pain in the ass because she knew correctly that my dad would get all worked up and start harping on with relationship advice and having all sorts of questions about him, etc.

Her partner knew this, took no offense, and let my sister tell when she was comfortable. He knew it had nothing to do with him. She wasn't ashamed of him or anything, she just doesn't like parental involvement in her life. FWIW they are still together 3 years later and just bought a house together, so it really wasn't anything against him posted by PuppetMcSockerson at I'd be about on your boyfriend's timeframe, but I am a little more withdrawn about this sort of thing.

I'd check this out my family before I was planning on bringing my SO to meet them, but not too much before. This is only one sign of many potential. What are his other relationships like? Do his friends know about you? Have you met them? There is no norm. My third date with my now wife involved picking up a Christmas tree for my mom, taking it to her house and decorating it for her. Of course it was at that point that my mom realized I had an SO.

I think it was several months before I told my dad and I was living with him at the time. Your relationship, his relationship with his How To Tell My Parents About My Boyfriend, his past relationships because maybe he had a bad experience with his parents meeting an SOthe phase of the moon, etc. This varies wildly from person to person. I found that unusual, but it was fine. I generally don't tell my parents until there's a natural time to tell them, like if I mention I'm going to some event, and they ask if I'm going with anyone, and I'm like yeah, [name], and they're all "who's [name]?

Long story short, people have all sorts of relationships with their families, and these discussions can be strained and come fraught with all sorts of baggage. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I think it would be totally fine if you asked your boyfriend why, though.

I love my parents, and I appreciate their input, but I don't want them jeopardizing the good thing I have going on here. Ysobelle Pearce Aug 18, MG Maddy Graham Mar 28, Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow.

You're allowed to be curious. I guess I want to know what the norms are There's no such animal. But whatever the very wide range of "normal" is, five months is definitely well within it. It can also depend on the culture. I've known Indian women who had boyfriends for years and never told the parents. I've also source someone after 4 months tell me he hadn't yet told his family about me, and that if he "told them about every little relationship" I'd just ask my SO.

I wouldn't tell my parents father and stepmother that I was dating someone until we were engaged, living together, or had been exclusive for at least a year. I wouldn't say anything until I was ready for a partner to be treated as a member of my immediate family, because that's how they would treat any partner I mentioned, even casually, because they How To Tell My Parents About My Boyfriend, really, in a loving but very uncomfortable way, want me to be married as soon as possible.

I'm much closer to my sisters, but even them I wouldn't tell until I was ready to be treated a long-term social unit with someone, because it wouldn't be fair to tell them and ask them to keep it a secret from my father. My family are very nice, but they want to invite people I've known for a few days home for Christmas to ask about their intentions towards me, because they worry that if I spend one more holiday without a ring on my finger, I'm going to be alone forever, and since they're so happily married, that would be a tragedy.

So, I choose not to share. Nor does it, really, have to do with not loving my family; they're just terrible on this particular issue, and I choose to save myself and my dates that discomfort. Your SO may have his How To Tell My Parents About My Boyfriend reasons that also have nothing to do with you. The best way to find out is to talk about it.

Did you date someone like him and have a bad experience? You shouldn't be scared to talk about it with your mother, however. But whatever the very wide range of "normal" is, five months is definitely well within it. Is there some reason why you think he should be discussing your relationship with his parents? Say, "I thought you might not think I'm ready, but I wanted to mention that I'm become a really mature person.

I told my mother I was dating my husband when I decided to move in with him. Not everyone is as close to their parents as you are. I've been with my wife for over a decade and I still haven't met her parents she really, really doesn't like her parents. My mom only met her well after we'd gotten married and only knew she existed because I happened to mention she'd been in a car accident and learn more here mom was all "Who's that?!

Part of the reason I didn't tell my mom anything is she'd always get really weird about girls I was seeing or she thought I was seeing and I wanted to have the foundations of the relationship in place before she got all weird. Even within the bounds of "he has a good, solid relationship with his parents" there are so many reasons why he might intentionally or unintentionally delay telling them about an SO. I do not think you are even close to the timeframe where I would start asking questions about it.

Maybe at one year, or at a major relationship threshold cohabitation, engagement, house buying, etc. Family telling is a very individual personal thing.

How To Tell My Parents About My Boyfriend

Friend telling I think should happen fairly early on. If it is five months in and he hasn't introduced you to any of his friends, that is when you should worry. I never told my mom I was dating anyone until it was time for whoever I was dating to physically meet her, not because I didn't want her to know, but because there was always a chance she would tell my grandmother.

My grandmother would then get on the phone with every single human being she knew and straight-up make shit up about how I'm getting married to a person she never met and that I am terrible.

I never told anyone about that because I didn't want people to think certain members of my family were, well, exactly who they were. His relationship with his parents might be fine, but there are all sorts of other people who may not use this information for good.

As people have said, there is no norm but you should speak about it if it makes you feel insecure. I met my SO's parents at Thanksgiving, which was about 3 months in, and my parents didn't know of his existence until nearly 10 months. I told him early on that this is how I am on this issue and he was okay with it until he wasn't okay with it, which was at the 10 month point.

How To Tell My Parents About My Boyfriend

He basically said, when do I met your parents, I'd like to. I realized it was important to him then, put aside my quirk about it, and set up a dinner with us all. I have a friend who has dated both men and women. Her parents were upset they found out she was dating a woman, and told her they didn't want to hear about it. When she was later dating a man she was very reluctant to tell her parents and didn't do so for a long time. So yeah, it depends. Oh, and I'll say, I talk with members of my family several times a week.

When asked and I'm asked oftenI actively lie. It's for my dates' benefit as much as for mine, because if I didn't lie, all of my dates would end up on the mailing list for my stepmother's New Years Letter, which is all about the details of the medical procedures she's had in the past year. Though recently, I click the following article my sister that she needs to stop asking, and that I'll tell her when there's How To Tell My Parents About My Boyfriend to tell, and she's respected that for over a month, so she may be reforming somewhat Hell, I told my mom about the lady I was seeing right after we got married.

And I like my mom. So as others are suggesting YMMV. Enough people have mentioned that you don't have any right to influence the private conversation between your boyfriend and his parents.

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I think it's also worth pointing out that it's totally okay to feel perturbed by this - you're not a monster!