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Videos Only. water hose hook up shark tank. Mark Cubanthe Billionaire Shark Tank Investor, dumped his deal according to HyConn Founder, Jeff Stroope. Mark Cuban has not publicly commented on the deal. Stroope's newness tani deal making with investors proves he lacks understanding of the due diligence process. 27 Jul As a firefighter, Jeff Stroope of Texas has seen many homes destroyed because of the time required to supply water to a fire scene. So he designed Hy-Conn, a quick connector for fire hydrant hoses. It takes less than three seconds to connect a Hy-Conn to a hydrant and it doesn't involve threading or. likes · 2 talking about this. Hy-Conn is a Super-Fast connector for fire hydrants and garden hoses. Shown is Evonne, Age 70 who sees a Rheumatologist for Arthritis, connecting the Aluminum Home Edition unit. This was her first attempt to Shark Tank aired our episode again last night. I want to thank everyone for.

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When reporting, please explain why you think it should be removed. Do not message moderators individually about posts not appearing in the new queue or ban appeals. Failure to do so may result in a ban. Inventor Jeff Stroope becomes an instant millionaire on Shark Tank 7: Fun to watch, but that deal ended up falling through after the show. The shark realized later that he didn't know anything about manufacturing and backed out.

After the cameras were turned off some of the agreements that were made on the show started changing. Almost immediately Mark decided that he was not going to go thru with the agreement on Shark Tank.

This was not something that had to be Water Hose Hook Up Shark Tank. However, I do not have any anger or bad feeling toward Mark Cuban. This is a part of the business that I have to get thru.

Hy-Conn: $M Fire Hydrant Deal Fell Through After Shark Tank

As it was said on Shark Tank by Robert Herjavec "never disrespect money". However, we do not have enough customers to accept orders and use those funds to make the required molds and parts to get everything into production.

I have been able to identify the manufacturing sources Water Hose Hook Up Shark Tank the money is not there to get the parts made due to the minimum manufacturing requirements. I have received a notice from Read article Tank that my episode with air again on April 20th. This is good news and bad news.

However, the bad news is that when the show airs Http://hookuptime.me/guqi/best-app-to-hook-up-with-cougars.php am not able to process continue reading. I want to apologize for the current condition that we have and I want to thank you for your patients while I have been trying to solve this problem.

The answer is I wish I would have gone with Kevin or Robert. I have a couple of things moving forward slowly that if they do materialize I will have big news soon. Unless another deal is made between now and then that is larger. Also - unknown to him perhaps - there are other competitors to the product. It's not such a revolutionary idea that no one has thought of it before. Water Hose Hook Up Shark Tank just quick connect. I believe a lot of deals are backed out of by the sharks.

I could claim to shoot rainbows out of my ass, but until someone watches me shit it's a bluff. Cuban threatened not to return to the show over this and as a result the stipulation was eliminatedand retroactively as well meaning every past owner that appeared on the show had the obligation removed. Cuban is a good business man. If something isn't right in due dilligence, then you don't go through with it. In most countries a deal made verbally if able to prove it has the same legal standing as a written contract.

It being aired he could in most places sue for the money he had accepted. Only they probably sign quite a lengthy contract to even appear on the show which states deals struck on camera are not legally binding. There are probably stipulations in the contracts the inventors have to sign saying that the verbal agreements aren't set in stone as they would be normally.

Or what's your problem? He wasn't promised anything.

Water Hose Hook Up Shark Tank

Everybody going in knows deals made on the show aren't in any way shape or form final. The show is at best to show interest of the potential investors before any homework is done on the deal, product and business.

Also the story there is from one view point and may not give all the info such as that Mark could have found out details about the business that show it wouldn't be worth it.

Certainly isn't when you sign up for a show and no doubt sign paperwork to the effect that no deals on the show are final amongst many other rules.

A verbal agreement if there is enough evidence of it happening like a video of the agreement taking place is as legally binding as a written contract. I don't know what the US law says though.

No links to playlists or to channel pages. Apparently, Jeff Stroope disliked Cuban's new strategy, forcing entrepreneur and investor to part ways. Shark Tank Online dating clingy guy on Amazon.

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Will also delete on comment score of -1 or less. Not the person you asked but it looks very similar to what we use in Switzerland, Germany and probably a few other European countries. At least it is more info simple to use. It's the default for at least 20 years now The difference is quick connects need both ends, this guys connects directly to the standard outdoor threaded faucet.

The one the guy developed is just the quick connect to a regular screw thread. They're common in New Zealand, too. I just figured it was common knowledge.

He told them that the standard connections can sometimes take 30 seconds or more, well the HyConn can be done in less than three. Is work getting you down? This is why it has all gone to shit. Barbara source that there is only an eight-second difference between the two. He failed on this deal and his basketball team is hoook.

I mean, why isn't it? These are sold everywhere in Europe, It just seems strange that no one has decided to bring to them US yet. I'm a career firefighter and I'm going to look into possibly getting a grant to buy his product. It's more useful when hooking hose to a truck learn more here to other sections of hose.

Sitting there and spinning the coupling does take a while and you need spanner wrenches to really tighten them. If all you have to do is make that small turn with his invention I say it's worth it. Yes he can, what we see on TV is what is called a gentleman's agreement.

The sharks can back out at any time after the show. It's not even that really, it's more so just expression interest. Everybody knows going in to this that it's not a final deal and would be silly to expect it to be final considering they can do no research or homework on the product or business before or during the show.

If I had a guess.

Water Hose Hook Up Shark Tank

Any business decision isn't "final" unless it is written and signed on paper overseen by lawyers who serves as witnesses. Id rather have some people say "you shook on it, jerk! If you disagree then you're letting pride get the best of you. Because deals like this aren't made in 5 minutes in real life.

Mark Cuban Dumped HyConn - Shark Tank Blog

There is due diligence to be done. For all you know, the company has a million dollars in liabilities. After shaking hands comes the next step, where numbers are examined and details are ironed out. Many people lie or overstate numbers on both sides and deals don't end up not going through. Mark might have saw something he didn't like.

They never asked him how much it cost him to make the product. If you're not convincing enough, they can back out, its their money at the end of the day. It's not that he didn't know anything about manufacturing, actually. There are multiple companies that do not do their own manufacturing, such as Boeing, or Coca Cola. Coca Cola is a franchise company, meaning they have 2 split companies. One is for the brand, or formulas, stuff like that, and the other is for bottling and manufacturing.

If you take a look at the brand company, profit margins are very high, which attracts investors. On the other side, the manufacturing company has very low profit margin. That's not something investors want, so you're not going to make a lot of money with a manufacturing company.

Also, he wouldn't have become a millionaire, even if click at this page deal had gone through. It's an investment to his business, not a winning lottery ticket. It's a fucking television Water Hose Hook Up Shark Tank and 8 minutes of talking, no shit million dollar deals aren't sealed.