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Relationship Advice : How to Stop Being Controlling

1. Do The OPPOSITE Of What Most Women Do When In A Controlling Situation

Possessiveness is a common relationship problem among young and older adults and being a possessive partner is something people in relationships should hookuptime.me causes a How to Stop Being a Possessive This stems from women's traditional need to maintain a man's love in order to be sheltered and protected. Being possessive will kill any relationship, no matter how good it is otherwise. The overbearing nature of a possessive lover is so oppressive that it is only a matter of time before the relationship suffocates. Your only option is to figure out how to stop being a possessive boyfriend. Otherwise be prepared for her to leave . 11 Jul How to Stop Being a Possessive, Controlling Partner If you would like to save your relationship and improve your connection with your partner, you must understand why you are being possessive and controlling .. He can be of great help and I will not stop publishing him because he is a wonderful man.

But what happens when a women is in this negative emotional state, instead of a compassionate state, is she can often make themselves a target for being controlled.

What many women start doing when they are in a controlling situation is first go through a period of sadness and confusion but then get angry and try to make him feel the same things that she is feeling and make him feel hurt or guilty for what he is doing.

Men can be real assholes, especially when they become controlling jerks, but the problem is this simply is the wrong direction to take if you want to heal this situation.

Finally, you must learn that relationships are meant to enrich your life not to complete yourself or fill a void. You need to get out and be involved in some social hobbies or causes! No matter how anxious it makes us, we have to resist the urge to exert power over our partner.

But their mind changes when I ask them to think about this: If you can start to put your energy into compassion instead of anger, it will make things much easier. You may not have suspected what caused it, but what caused him to withdraw completely was your unacceptable of him not wanting a relationship. The answer is to go WITH the flow instead of against it.

How to Stop Being a Possessive | Dating Tips

For instance, have you ever been in a fight with a man where he was resisting your point of view vehemently, and you were resisting his and the fight elevated?

Sometimes his mistrust is based on the current relationship, but also can have been created from past relationships, or even his mother.

Instead, most women actually break down the trust more by playing games with him and being dishonest with him because they feel afraid.

The thing is, on some unconscious level we KNOW when someones is being dishonest even if consciously we appear to not. If you follow this basic three step process and use it on a daily basis, you WILL see things start to improve.

How To Stop Being A Possessive Boyfriend

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Don't Be Jealous Insecurity is an internal state of mind where you have low confidence and low self worth. The possibility of abandonment is given in any adult relationship. Explain your need for independent lives. Sometimes the mistrust and disrespect actually do have appropriate grounds.

So the first thing is…. Do you see what I mean? Possessiveness in a man is a very primal reaction when he feels a loss of control.

2. Don’t be overbearing.

And the solution is ultimately to have compassion for his insecurity and self-respect. Why did this happen? And what does this have to do with a controlling man?

How To Stop Being A Possessive Boyfriend

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