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The Vampire Diaries is an American fantasy-drama television series which was first broadcast on The CW from to , airing episodes over 8 seasons. Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec adapted the TV series from L.J. Smith's novel series of the same name. Some of the characters appeared in the spin-off series. 6 Sep The Vampire Diaries is full of hot actors and actresses so it's not that surprising to find out how many of the stars have actually dated one another. Sure, there are the obvious pairs like Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, who were SO cute together, but there are a way more TVD pairs that met on set before. 8 Oct If you think The Vampire Diaries romances are hard to keep track of on-screen, just try to keep straight all of the TVD cast members who have dated each other off-screen. Here is a round-up of the TVD real-life romances that have sparked since production started on our favorite supernatural romance.

Klaus initially believed her to be someone with whom Tyler had a fling while they were in the Appalachians, a misconception that Tyler and Hayley encouraged to cover up their plans to help the rest of Klaus' hybrids break their sire bonds.

It was later revealed that Hayley was working with Shane, who promised her information on her true parentage in exchange for her help in manipulating Klaus into murdering his hybrids.

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev

Hayley returned to Mystic Falls in Bring It Onduring which Klaus tried to obtain information from her about Katherine Piercewhich ultimately led to them having sex. It was later revealed when Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast met again in New Orleans that Hayley was pregnant with his child, their daughter Hope Mikaelsonwho they conceived during their one-night-stand.

Their main priority is to protect Hope. However they have disagreements over the best way to protect their daughter. Unfortunately, their relationship takes a turn for the worse when Hayley tried to take Hope away from Klaus. They are no longer friends or allies after this; they have become enemies once again. They continue to share an antagonistic rivalry, but are allies for the sake of their daughter. However, they somewhat reconcile later on and end up running away together with their daughter after Klaus' sireline is broken, which sends all of his enemies rushing to kill him.

Hayley immediately recognized him as an Original and didn't bother to hide her dislike for the hybrid. Klaus speculated that she and Tyler had an affair while he was off breaking his sire bond, a rumor which please click for source both let him believe in order to hide their true intentions, which was to help the rest of the hybrids break free from Klaus' control.

After Dean 's death, Klaus was upset by Dean's failure to keep Elena secure in his home and to prevent Connor 's death, but Hayley argued that he should here had Dean use force against the hunter. Later that night, Hayley covered for Chrislying that it was she who let Elena out of her "cell", and not Chris. Hayley also added that if he wanted to kill someone, he should kill her, as she'd rather die than end up being one of his hybrid slaves.

Klaus pushed a piece of hair from her face and started kissing her. They began stripping and kissing aggressively before he pushed her onto the table. He Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast down at her and began kissing her neck.

They ultimately moved to the bedroom, where they proceeded to have sex. In a later scene, Hayley was seen sitting near Klaus on the bed, putting on her bra after a night of hooking up. While Klaus was watching her from his bed, he noticed Hayley's unique crescent-moon birthmark on her shoulder blade. He then Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast to her that he'd seen this birthmark before, but only on a handful of other people who descended from the same bloodline - a werewolf clan that once thrived through what is now Louisiana.

Hayley was shown to be intrigued by this information and demanded to know if he was serious, as finding a connection to her biological family was not a joke to her. However, Klaus insisted that he wouldn't dare to lie about it, as matters of family are sacred.

In The OriginalsSophie explained to Klaus that she had the gift to sense a pregnancy. Sophie looked at Hayley, and sensed it was Klaus' daughtermentioning that nature had found a loophole because while Klaus was a vampire, he was born a werewolf.

Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast

Upon hearing the baby's heartbeat, Klaus was visibly shocked, and left in a huff, leaving Hayley behind. Hayley appeared to be hurt by Klaus' lack of affection toward her and their unborn child and his seemingly lack of desire to see her live. Elijah later managed to convince Klaus that his and Hayley's child could see more their family's one chance at redemption.

Klaus, seemingly now on board with the idea, replied that every king needs an heir. In Always and ForeverElijah met Hayley in New Orleans and used his vampiric powers to show her visions of his memories of his family's life when they were humans.

Real Life Partners Of The Vampire Diaries Actors

After Elijah revealed that once Klaus had fed and killed for the first time as a vampire, which activated his werewolf curse, Hayley replied, "Your dad was a dick", after learning he bound Klaus to a wooden cross and forced their mother to cast a spell to suppress his werewolf side. She also Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast him that their family is legendary in New Orleans, and that Klaus seems like a "notorious psycho," who she admitted to sleeping with on a one-night-stand.

Some time later, Klaus still hadn't come to terms with his impending fatherhood and denied its existence, seeming to not care whether Hayley and the baby lived or died. She argued with Klaus before telling Hayley to help her search for the missing Elijah. Rebekah showed her the basement, where Klaus kept their coffins on "stand-by," in case he felt like daggering his siblings if they wronged him in any way. Hayley was appalled to hear of Klaus' habits and admitted that she felt sick upon hearing this fact.

Rebekah replied that she should have left New Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast as soon as she realized Elijah was missing, as Klaus would likely have a coffin ready for her once their baby is born. Hayley later heads to Jardin Gris and acquired some wolfsbane, in order to abort their child, knowing that she couldn't leave town while she was still pregnant due to the spell Jane-Anne cast on her.

However, before she could take the poison, she was attacked by Marcel's vampires. She splashes the cup in one vampire's face before attempting to flee, and was eventually saved by Rebekah.

After returning to their homeKlaus berated Hayley over her leaving the house and heading into the Quarter which was off-limits to werewolvesdemanding to know what she was doing. Hayley snapped that she was about to abort the child so as to put it out of it's misery, which infuriated Klaus. He stepped forward and began to choke her, but Rebekah, appalled at his reaction toward the woman carrying his child, managed to pull him off click the following article her.

She proceeded to tell Klaus that there is nothing wrong with caring and wanting something, which ultimately calmed Klaus down.

The next morning, Klaus wandered into Hayley's room while she was sleeping, and found an empty bottle of wolfsbane in her bag. Hayley woke up and saw him sniff the bottle and assured him she didn't use it.

When Klaus asked her why, as she could have more info free from him and their situation, Hayley confessed that because of her past background being abandoned by her biological parents and kicked out by her adoptive onesshe had never had a real family.

And as soon as I have this baby, what happens to me then? Monique and Abigail try to stop them by calling upon their ancestors. Klaus makes a deal with Francesca and had her bring over some very rare stones, since Jackson and Oliver were captured by Marcel and the stones went missing. Rebekah pushes him off Hayley see more vampire speed and grabs him by the shoulders. Forced to execute her father, Rayna told her father she couldn't stop, and he told his daughter he knew she couldn't, not to blame herself for it was Julian's fault, and to remember what he taught her to carry on his legacy while he would always be with her.

It was when her baby was threatened that she finally knew that she wouldn't let anybody hurt their baby. Klaus listened for a moment before commenting that the both of them are alike, as it seems they both are "cast-offs" who have learned to fight when backed into a corner.

She kills Beau before he can flee for his life outside of the hospital and sends his soul into the Phoenix Stone. I've got you, love. Sophie looked at Hayley, and sensed it was Klaus' daughtermentioning that nature had found a loophole because while Klaus was a vampire, he was born a werewolf. In the flashforwards, Rayna is one of the only vampire hunters in the link that terrifies all of the characters, scaring not just Stefan, but Damon, Caroline and most notably the Heretics.

Hayley retorted that they are backed into a corner now. Klaus moved forward and gently placed a hand on her shoulder before informing her that it was time to fight, affectionately referring to her as "little wolf. In Tangled Up In BlueRebekah and Klaus are discussing the vampire attack the night before, and that Klaus had burned them before Rebekah had the chance to, as she "loves to burn things".

Klaus comments that it was his duty, considering they attacked the "helpless pregnant girl who's carrying his child". Rebekah snorts that she is shocked by his new sense of fatherly duty. Hayley, stalking into the room, quickly demands to know what the plan is in order to get Elijah back. Klaus reveals that the plan is simply to ask Marcel, and Hayley stands dumbfounded at the plan before asking if there is a Plan B, to which Klaus responds "war".

Hayley is walking beside the pool some time later, when she stops suddenly, seeing a wolf standing ahead of her. Sabine appears behind her, telling her that the wolf is drawn to her as she and Klaus Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast something special", before asking whether she would like to know the gender of their child.

When Klaus returns to the house after the Masquerade Galahe stops in the doorway of the room Hayley is click at this page and tells her that Elijah would soon be returning to them. This is because he gained Marcel's trust, who now essentially owes him one. Hayley seems relieved at this and congratulates him, as being diabolical has it's perks.

'Vampire Diaries' Romance Off Screen: 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

Klaus stops for a moment, pondering something before asking quietly what it is about Elijah that warrants immediate admiration, and seems to take in her words as she reveals it was visit web page simple as, because he was kind to her.

As Klaus stops then turns around to leave, he pauses at her words; "I learned something today. I think it's a girl". Klaus smiles at the news, unseen to Hayley and walks back out the door. Paige 's surgery after a message from Rebekah, about her and Hayley's recent actions. He is worried about Hayley's whereabouts after her and Rebekah were ambushed and attacked by warlocks. Klaus and Rebekah hear wolves howling and they head outside, to see Hayley stumbling towards them, dazed and exhausted looking with her clothes tattered and dirty.

Klaus and Rebekah rush towards her, with Klaus checking her over for wounds, seeming shocked that she doesn't have any. Hayley says it's her "werewolf healing" although Klaus doesn't believe her wounds could've healed that quickly. Rebekah intervenes and takes Hayley from Klaus, telling them both that their child healed her.

Klaus smiles at the thought before watching the two as they sit down on the front step. Klaus demands to know what happened and promises to slaughter Sophie Deverauxbelieving she was behind the attack along with Agnes. Rebekah interrupts, saying "not before Elijah gets there first" and looks at Hayley, adding "he asks we take care of you". Klaus seems upset when Hayley questions Rebekah about Elijah. Hayley then stands up, attempting to leave, but stumbles. Klaus rushes to Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast her and carries her back to their home.

Meanwhile, Klaus and Elijah use the help of the witch Sabine to find Hayley. Sabine takes some of Klaus' blood in order to locate Hayley and see more baby. In the woods, Klaus and Elijah have an argument over Elijah looking determined to find "the little wolf". Klaus believes that Elijah is trying to impress Hayley by assuming the role of family patriarch.

Continuing the Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast, Klaus claims that he has "sampled what she has to offer" and refers to her as being "exquisite". In a later scene, Elijah and Hayley find Klaus at the cabin in the bayou where Hayley was held hostage by Tyler before she escaped. Elijah and Hayley falsely accuse Klaus of wanting to use his child's blood once born in order to create hybrids.

Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast

Klaus looks hurt by the fact that his half-siblings and now Hayley consider him to be a liar, a manipulator and a bastard. Klaus snorts that he'll play the role he has been given and bites Elijah, leaving Hayley shocked. He leaves both of them in the bayou, but not before sharing a meaningful glance with Hayley.

In The River in ReverseKlaus and Hayley share a brief scene at the very end of the episode after Klaus has had yet another feud with his half-siblings.

He has argued with Rebekah http://hookuptime.me/meko/black-people-speed-hookup-raleigh-nc-concerts-2019-los-angeles.php betraying him and siding with the man she loves, the man who plotted against Klaus, Marcel.

He argued with Elijah and accused him of taking his child away see more him with every fawning moment of tenderness he shows to Hayley.

Elijah tells him that it has nothing to do with Hayley, but Klaus protests by saying that it has everything Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast do with her. Klaus chooses Whos Hookup Who On Vampire Diaries Cast dagger neither of his half-siblings, but forbids them to come live with him in his new home. Klaus tells Hayley that she is to come with him, as the child she is carrying is the "only thing on this earth that matters" to him, and that she shouldn't bother fighting him on this.

Hayley chooses to get in the car with Klaus, partly because he threatened to drag her to The Abattoir by force, if she did not come willingly, he also tells her, that she can try to fight him on this, but she will lose, as will Elijah and Rebekah, if they get in his way or try to stop her from getting in his car, their relationship becomes strained after Hayley chose to believe Tyler's lies over Klaus, when she should have known that Tyler was lying, as he wanted revenge on Klaus for killing his mother, and would say anything to justify his actions, and she falsely accused Klaus of only caring about there unborn child, so he can used her to sire more hybrids, Klaus completely loses trust in Hayley, believing she would try to run away with his child, before she is born, to try and keep him out of his child's life.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleansthe episode begins with a feast held by Klaus at his mansion now that he has control over New Orleans and invites the vampires, including Marcel. Hayley has also attended the banquet. Klaus tells the vampires that they should show the mother of his child respect, as he strolls over to where she is sitting. He then here to reassure the people who believe that he intends on using the blood of his child to create hybrids, that he does not intend on doing such a thing.