How To Make Her Squirt While Having Sex. Lets Talk Hookup!

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How to Make Her Squirt – The Definitive Guide

The definitive guide to squirting orgasms, female ejaculation, and learning how to make a woman squirt. Learn this technique and change your life forever. 5 Apr How to Make a Woman Squirt With Your Penis During Penetration. How to make a girl squirt with your penis Most women, not all women but most, can have a squirting orgasm with enough g-spot stimulation. Your best bet to get the g-spot stimulated enough to squirt is to finger her upper wall very hard. 6 Aug Apply these weird tricks and make your girl enjoy an explosive-squirting orgasm. And if you happen to have a woman who is in tune with herself sexually, and one who would be willing to allow you play with her vagina till she ejaculates all over you, we are going to teach you the ultimate secrets to.

There are no guarantees in life. However, all women have the inherent physical ability to ejaculate. Some women are very comfortable with this. But some women have never even had an orgasm before. However, a woman who has never had an orgasm will be a much greater challenge. Still, making your partner squirt is quite possible. And, just like everything in life — practice makes perfect.

Helping a woman How To Make Her Squirt While Having Sex is more than just a article source technique.

You need to be ready for what will happen. This means preparing your home and your body. Make sure you make a few improvements to your home. First, you need to clean your place. This will not help her relax. Add a vanilla smelling candle to increase her relaxation. Women tend to have a strong sense of smell. Try installing a light dimmer in your bedroom. Candles can also provide good, low lighting — if placed in the right areas of the room. Music can also help a woman relax.

The key is to use music that a woman is familiar with, but not TOO familiar with. Also, make sure you have a nice water-based lubricant on hand.

This will quickly increase her arousal. Also, make sure your fingernails are trimmed short. This is very important — You do NOT want long fingernails! Your fingers will be inside her vagina a lot. If your nails are long, they can scratch and hurt her vagina. This will NOT help her squirt.

A great way to amplify her arousal is to begin stimulating her outside of the bedroom. This starts right when you two meet. This could be at a bar one night, on a first date, or with your wife of ten years. But if you plan to make her squirt, you have to set the mood and tone of the interaction early on. Women are not as visual as men. To stimulate a woman, you have How To Make Her Squirt While Having Sex stimulate her mind.

Do this from the moment the interaction starts. You have to guide her towards what you both want. If you are going to get her aroused outside the bedroom, you have to be a dominant, attractive man. You have to lead the way.

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You have to tell her what to do. You have to be an alpha male. This will be easier with a wife or girlfriend, but it can also be done with a girl you just.

You can ask what turns her on, or what her favorite position is. Again, this is easier with a wife or girlfriend. Slap her ass every once in a article source wives and girlfriends only. Now, the actual technique of making her squirt revolves around foreplay. You have to make things an experience for her.

Once inside the bedroom, you must dominate her. Push her against the wall and passionately kiss her as you lightly! Then, throw her on the bed. Begin to passionately kiss her as you pull her hair. Begin to reach down her panties and stop. Get her pussy dripping wet before you even take her panties off. Grab her neck again and kiss her hard.


Then, slowly move your hand down to her pussy. Begin to rub her clitoris, ever so gently. Then, quickly grab some lube. Her pussy should already be wet, but you need the lube to increase her sensation.

Once she is very continue reading, you can start fingering her. Begin to stimulate her G-spot. Insert your index finger into her vagina so that it touches the front wall. Begin to stroke your finger back and forth in a come-hither motion. Start slow and soft.

Begin to build intensity by using longer and firmer strokes. Next, insert another finger and start again. Go slowly at first — gradually build up the speed and strength of your strokes. You should do this for minutes. She should be beginning to moan, but not be orgasmic yet…. The next step what actually makes her squirt.

My Squirting Orgasm [101] ☆

When you have two fingers inside her, adjust your palm. You want your palm to be on top of her clitoris while your two fingers are on her G-spot.

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Your other hand will be on the left-middle part of link abdomen and close to her vagina — right above her pelvic bone where her hip bone starts.

As you press down with your other hand, your palm with be on her clitoris with your fingers stimulating her G-spot. Then, you begin to rapidly move your hand up and down. This allows her clit to be stimulated while still stimulating her G-spot. Then, speed up some more! Keep going until she squirts. The key when helping a woman squirt is to make sure you pull up and back with your fingers while keeping contact with her clit.

Outside The Bedroom

That method used just your fingers. They prefer to get fucked — hard.

Treat these types of girls a bit differently. Start fucking her — hard and deep. Then, spread them until your pelvis is touching her clitoris. Next, begin to rock back and forth.

This movement allows your penis to stroke her G-Spot very deeply while keeping contact with her clit. This will help some girls to ejaculate. Then, kiss her passionately and begin to finger her as described earlier as you pull out. Slowly breathe hot air onto her vagina as you finger her.

How To Make Her Squirt While Having Sex

Then, suck her vagina into your mouth as your finger her. Next, do the rapid finger movement we described earlier as you suck and flick her clitoris. This method provides the same stimulation as the other method.

Some girls just prefer to get fucked for a while before coming. Some girls also prefer oral sex. This will instantly create strong emotions in them for you. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. He provides tips on how to exercise and eat well, boost energy and feel confident in your own skin. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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How To Make Her Squirt While Having Sex

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