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A cute way you can ask a girl out is leaving her clues to get to you. With every clue that you give her, make sure it's something that has a significant meaning behind it whether it's a location where you first met or where you had your first kiss. This will make her reminisce on the great memories with you. Of course, her last. 31 Mar We have come up with a list of quick, easy, and foolproof ways of asking a girl to be your girlfriend: 1. With a puzzle The best way to ask a girl to be your girlfriend is to try the old-school way and write down a love letter. If you are too Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License. No girl can. 15 Mar Falling head over heels for someone is one thing, but taking the next step to make it official is a whole different story. It can definitely be nerve-wracking. You may be Step up your game and try out one of these cool, creative and cute ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. She'll be saying yes in no time!.

Well, a guy friend of mine just recently asked this one girl out.

Top 10 Best Ways to Ask Someone Out

What he did was that he asked her if she wanted to be the first one to sign his yearbook. She said, "Yes" and when she opened the yearbook, the inside cover said " her namewill you be mine?

Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Be Your Girlfriend

Why would you want someone to go all out? I don't mind a simple "Will you go out with me"? Tell guys this and you'll see significant less amount of couples!

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend — 15 Best, Cute & Romantic Ways

How about you ask her What do you think? I was feeling the same way, I was waiting for you to answer, you say everything I think, I'm glad we are on the same page.

Writing a poem is one of the very romantic ways to ask a girl out. Plan a small vacation and pop out the big question as source both are sitting in the middle of lush green meadows or near the ocean waves. Designing an entire website dedicated to a girl and your memories with her is one of the creative ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. As you spend time with her and can see her being your girlfriend, you can start this video early. You don't have spend a lot of money, some of these ideas will cost you as little as the price of a Frappuccino!

How about we see each other exclusively from now on? I don't want anyone else to be as happy as me, because I'm selfish and I don't want to share you. I had a friend say really fast to a girl in his class he's liked for a while -"If you want to be my girlfriend say what", so it sounded like this Ifyouwanttobemygirlfriendsaywhat, guess what?

It just so happened she actually did like him and he was beyond shocked after he said "HAHA, you're my girlfriend now" and she replied back saying "I would love to be". However that's really rare. Creativity goes so far, and it's so stupid to spend your talents on the initial question. It's what you do afterwards that really matters, if you're into that sort of thing. To me, I'd think it a joke though. Each source contains something different.

Then the next was a love poem Don't say "Will you go out with me? Getting a custom made Fortune Cookie and the fortune will have something along the line of 'will you be my one'. For me, actions are louder than words.

Hold her hand or something and smile but do this slowly, if you do it too fast you'll look crazy If she smiles back, confirm it with words like "So, are you free this weekend? By patoi Started December 30, By NileRose Started December 28, By icyphoenix Started October 21, By jh12 Started January By Jillia Started October 25, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Posted June 6, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Because she goes out with you doesn't necessarily make her your girlfriend.

There's a lot that you can say with a website to show that you love her. Writing a personalized message inside one of those cute fortune cookies will surely surprise her. Are you musically inclined? Chakra Symbols and Their Meanings February 14,

I would say you ask Green Tea -3 for advice on this subject. Green Tea -3 is definitely teh pro.

Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Be Your Girlfriend

It just so happened she actually did like him and he was beyond shocked after he was said "HAHA, you're my girlfriend now" and she said "I would love to be".

Posted June 7, Is it a good idea? Just asking her straight up "would you go out with me? If i was to ask a girl out When one of my friends asked a girl out, he had all his friends stand in a heart shape around them while she was blindfolded, when she took off the blindfold, he got on his knees and asked her. That's too corny for click here though, and i don't want to copy him.

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