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I have never known a nigerian man before, but I have been dating one for almost a year now. Initially he told me he already had his papers or green card, but recently he fessed up and told me it was all still up in the air(he is here legally sponsered by his employer). Then he talks about being home sick and wanting to go. 2 Apr Nigerian men are as different as they come but there are some characteristics that stand out, are constant and trail him wherever he goes. The Nigerian man ( along with his woman) likes to enjoy the good things of life. . I am an African American woman and I've been dating a Nigerian for 4 months. A lot of Nigerian men love football, and when I say “love football”, I am not talking about the love you have for your TV shows and soaps (Note that I didn't say all but a lot), you might be lucky, yours might not be a football enthusiasts but the chances that the Nigerian man you just found or dating will like football is 1 out of 2.

Are you planning to move back to Nigeria with your newly wedded charming Nigerian husband? If yes,there are some important stuffs you should know beforehand.

Dating a Nigerian Man 101

There are a lot of stereotypes on the internet about dating Nigerian men, but like the English proverb: We men might have similar triggers and desires but not the same cultural upbringing, values or expectations. I am not a relationship counsellor but I am decent Nigerian man, so I know a lot about us. We grew up in families that hold strong cultural ethics, ethics that may take some time source you to understand.

Respect in Nigeria is something you have to really consider when dating a Nigerian man.

I Am Dating A Nigerian Man

This even get more serious if your husband is a Yoruba man. Every Nigerian man wants a loyal wife.

I came across a taxi driver wetting my doorstep area and sure enough—it was my Naija bros. I dont accept or indulge in stereotypying any brothers. Mrs steven April 16, at

In Nigeria, husband and wife work together as a team, each playing different roles in the family. The benefit of this is that most Nigerian men are also success minded and will make sure the family is provided for.

In Nigeria not just the man and the woman yoke to become one, the family of both party also becomes one.

Nigerian Men…The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

A friend of mine, an European who travelled to Nigeria told me of her cultural shock when she visited a Nigerian family. The wife brought the food to the husband, gave water to wash his hands after eating, and when the husband finished eating, he just stood up leaving the dishes behind for the wife, who afterwards came back thanking him for eating the food and gave him a chiiled cup of beer to top it up. Those things are etiquette in Nigeria. I grew up in a family with similar values too.

At the end of the day, this guide simple comes down to understanding. Your email address will not be published.

I Am Dating A Nigerian Man

Dating a Nigerian Man Written by Omonaija. For you to truly show you love a Nigerian man, you need to embrace his people and cultures.

The Positives and Negatives of Dating a Nigerian Man.

Respect is the key. Nigerians and Sex Toys by Omonaija.

I came across a taxi driver wetting my doorstep area and sure enough—it was my Naija bros. Freedom to religion, there are are lists of things. We just met but he is wanting to move forward already. I perfectly understood we got different backgrounds but she wanted me to act Canadian when am not.

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