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Joining the Air Force

Single mother interested in military

Hello, My name is Ashley, and I am planning on joining the Air Force, and I have an 18 month old son. I know that it will be hard for a little bit, but everyone keeps telling me that being a single mom in the military will be hard on my child, and I will never be around for him. I know that there are plenty of. 14 Results Single parent applicants who, at the time of initial processing for enlistment, indicate they have a child or children in the custody of the other parent or another adult will be advised During the screening process to join the Air Force, you will be asked “Are you now or have you ever been a conscientious objector?. Hey everyone I'm new to this group and I'm 6 months pregnant I'm looking to join the Air Force or navy the reason for this is because I want a much better life for my family my questions are is it hard to get in with children is it worth it in the long run and am I better off just getting married before.

Aspiring airmen who are single parents or the spouses of military service members will be able to join the Air Force under a policy change announced Wednesday.

Gina Grosso, director of force management policy. The Air Force will now allow single parents and parents with military spouses, who have up to three children, to enter officer training school, as long as they have an approved care plan for their children. All applicants who have one or two children — but not more — under the age of 18 who cannot care for themselves also will be able to enlist with an approved child care plan.

There is no limit on dependents for ROTC cadets, and cadets who are married to civilian spouses do not have to submit a child care plan. Trainees will go here be allowed to return to their programs after pregnancy upon receiving medical clearance.

Joining The Airforce As A Single Mother

ROTC cadets can be commissioned and link to follow-on training once they are cleared to do so by a medical authority, the Air Force said. The transition to military life is arduous enough when fully focused on that task. Two decades ago, Marine Corps commandant Carl Mundy issued an edict banning the enlistment of married recruits.

Mundy said that 40 percent of Marines on their first enlistment are married and are bearing the brunt of a fierce schedule of overseas deployments that would put an enormous strain on more mature married personnel, much less on an or year-old Marine with a teenage spouse. While some Marines were critical of the way Mundy has tried to come to grips with the problem, they all agreed difficulties exist.

The number of married Marines on their first enlistment reportedly has been increasing about 10 percent every five years.

That is almost half of your pay. I wasn't going to be told at 7am that I needed to stay until 10pm. I am a 31 year old single parent of a 5 year old son. My ex stepped out on me before my daughter was born, so I was on my own, overseas in Germany and she came early preeclampsia read more my eight weeks leave, put in to take more leave besides maternity, denied by my commander he didn't care that I was a single parent, breast feeding, that my daughter was only eight weeks old-there was a field exercise and I better be there boots on-not deploymentjust a field exercise, playing war.

As a result, unit commanders have been faced with an increasing number of personnel problems, including financial hardships, domestic violence and a soaring divorce rate. You have a situation where kids are having kids. Obviously, the Corps adapted to that reality. But that mostly meant accepting the problems as part of the package. And having a spouse at home is far less demanding than having an infant with no spouse.

But leaving the kid with friends or relatives is a different thing altogether. Apparently, it was motivated by one egregiously handled case:. Air Force spokeswoman Laurel Tingley said the case of Rebecca Edmonds, an aspiring nurse who was kicked out of the Air Force in when she became pregnant before being commissioned as an officer, prompted the service to re-examine its rules.

Edmonds discovered she was pregnant in Marcha few weeks before her graduation, her attorney, Daniel Conway, said. She was commissioned that July and reported to her nursing transition orientation program, where she reported her pregnancy.

Soon afterward, Air Force ROTC began investigating her, concluded she was fraudulently commissioned, and summarily discharged her as an airman basic.

Joining The Airforce As A Single Mother

Now, obviously, charging Edmonds with fraud and billing her for the cost of her education was boneheaded. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter. There are already plenty of servicemembers with Dependent Care Plans in place.

Joining the Air Force

Besides, there will probably be relatively few enlistees or cadets who meet these conditions anyway. Perhaps they have done just that with the requirement of an approved child care plan?

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Nothing in the article about what that plan must look like, and the requirements may indeed be onerous. My concern is around policies that require kids who serve together to get married if they wish to stay within 10, miles of each other.

You cannot enlist into the Air Force as a single parent. Remember, getting pregnant once in the USAF is different from having a child already and enlisting. All applicants who have one or two children — but not more — under the age of 18 who cannot care for themselves also will be able to enlist with an approved child care plan.

Softening that policy would likely result in fewer teen marriages and subsequent babies as people could petition to be stationed together, come what may.

But the way it used to be in the USAF was that most enlistments were served at large bases and for long tours.

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Well, I had to laugh. Hopefully, if it is as terrible an idea as it sounds, the parents will have more common sense than the Air Force. The family click the following article plans that are required a pretty comprehensive. Well, let me start where I usually start. This concept has been implicitly set in progressive stone since it was handed down to us from Mount Washington DC in about But, of course, that lesson was first overlooked and subsequently ignored.

And If I may harken back a bit, that joy of my youth that was the military draft was actually a six-year commitment, two years active duty, two years active reserve, like that former president you mentioned as opposed to the president that formered him and two years of inactive reserve, so there were large numbers of recently trained draftees available for that kind of situation.

This policy change, accommodating those with or about to be with children, seems to me to based on some kind of recruitment shortfall or on the general progressive proclivity to turn everything they can into a social justice welfare program.

The Air Force will now allow pregnant women and single parents to join. James Joining The Airforce As A Single MotherMilitary Affairs. Monday, August 5, at Let the hollowing out continue. Ahhhh, the all-volunteer military.

A gift that keeps on giving… more and more away. Tuesday, August 6, at An Example of Eroding Mutual Forbearance. Train Crashes and Recency Bias.