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Hinduism vs. Islam

There are many similarities and differences between Hinduism and Islam. First let me define these two great religions. Islam is an abrahamic monotheistic religion which is based on the teachings of the Glorious Quran. The followers of this religio. Hindus search of truth. It is one of the oldest and most profound religions. Islam is a warlords religion. All it seeks is power and control. It is based on the words of a renowned liar. Sikhism tried to reconcile Hinduism with Islam. For their troubles they were tortured & massacred by muslims. Not by Hindus. In the last 50 years after the Indian independence and partition, the Muslims in India have preferential treatment with their own Muslim Personal Law. Communal tensions between the Hindus and the Muslims have erupted many a times during this period. Notable incidents of this phenomenon include the demolition of the.

Both religions believe that God gave man free will so that he could be responsible for his link. That God is kind enough to let us choose our path and be responsible for it.

Both religions believe that God has the power to execute and enforce his will. This is a mark of a personal god, one who cares about the universe he created. Both religions believe in the responsibility of each individual towards others; charity, righteousness, forgiveness, compassion, are considered to be important qualities to develop. Both religions believe that remembering and reciting names of God and mantras creates an inner connection to the divine. This is why prayer is done times a day in Islam, and why Hindus are encouraged to keep the mind connected to spirituality throughout the day.

Both religions advocate non-violence.

A great prophet and a perfect, sinless example of the divine guidance of God. In fact, there are rich similarities that both religions share. The resulting document was called Fatawa-e-Alamgiriand it dedicated many chapters on the rights of Muslim men to own and buy non-Muslim slaves for work and sex. In other words the Muslims believe that everything belongs to God.

Islam and Hinduism teach that each individual should be free to make their own beliefs, choosing whatever spiritual path works for them. Matt is the content manager of the Sivana blog, an enthusiastic Yoga teacher, and life voyager.

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What Is The Difference Between Hindu And Muslim

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What Is The Difference Between Hindu And Muslim

Join our growing community of mindful writers, and contributors. Follow your favorite authors and more! Join the Community or Sign in. Hinduism and Islam On the surface, it may seem that Islam and Hinduism have nothing in common. In fact, there are rich similarities that both religions share.

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7 Huge Similarities Between Hinduism And Islam

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Jesus himself became such a powerful person especially after his death. Beef is a sought after meat among Muslims, but they strictly avoid pork and alcohol. Adam, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, etc. These instruments of knowledge of ours are material, and cannot fathom the Divine nature of the Supreme Being.