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James "Jim" Levenstein is the main protagonist in three out of the four primary films in the American Pie series (the exception being American Wedding). He is one of the nerdy outsiders who wants to lose his virginity. He first appears in American Pie, where he is trying to lose his virginity before the end of high school and. Read Epilogue from the story He's Dating the Campus Nerd by Mixcsjam ( Jugleng Astig Magaling) with reads. campus, books, mythical. Can I cry because we. The Hook Up has ratings and reviews. Mo said: daisy up your ass stars., Christy said: stars The Hook Up is one of those bo.

Band CampAmerican Pie Presents: Beta HouseAmerican Pie Presents: The Book of Loveand American Reunion Noah Levensteinalso known as " Jim's dad ", is the only character to appear in all eight films to date. He first appears in American Pie where he attempts to offer sexual advice including purchasing and giving his son Jim pornography after finding him masturbating with a pie after being previously told that third base feels like "warm apple pie ".

He later helps Jim cover the incident up and lies to his wife about the missing pie and where it has gone, telling her he ate it all. He reappears in the second film of the just click for source where he takes Jim to the hospital after Jim decides to turn on a porn film that Stifler rented, but accidentally uses superglue instead of lubricant to masturbate, permanently gluing his entire hand to his penis and boxer shorts.

He then supports Jim after he learns that he won't be able to have sex for at least a whole week, the same amount of time before the party Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters is attending with Nadia, who he plans on sleeping with, will be held. In the third installment Noah arrives at the restaurant Jim is at to give him the wedding ring he was going to use to propose to girlfriend Michelle. Jim tries to hide the fact that he is being fellated.

Not knowing Michelle is under the table, Jim's dad expresses his excitement at the proposal. Then, after Michelle bumps her continue reading under the table in shock at hearing about the proposal, all chaos ensues as Jim ends up exposed and has to hike his pants up quickly. Saving face, he swallows what is left of his pride and asks Michelle to marry him and gets an erection.

He reappears in the fourth film and the first spin off film from the main series, in which he is the camp's MACRO Morale And Conflict Resolution Officer and recommends that Matt Stifler start trying to fit in and earn the band's trust.

He appears again in the fifth installment, in which he is presiding over the annual Naked Mile run. He reappears Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters the sixth film in which he is the Beta alumni and the last-winning team captain of the Greek Olympiad. He helps to host the competition, which includes competing to remove girls' bras the fastest, a light saber duel and catching a greased pig. The final challenge being to hold off from ejaculation while receiving a lap dance.

After the Betas win, Noah, as the officiate, hands over the golden hammer to Dwight. In the seventh film he plays a significantly smaller role, as he is not seen until near the end of the movie.

After the book is destroyed, Rob, Nathan and Lube track him down to help recreate it, in which he assists them with and helps the group to recreate the manual. In American Reunionit is revealed that his wife has died three years prior to the events portrayed in the film and that he is still grieving her loss. In the end, he finds happiness again with Stifler's mom. James "Jim" Levenstein is the main protagonist in three out of the four primary films in the American Pie series the exception being American Wedding.

He is one of the nerdy outsiders who wants to lose his virginity. He first appears in American Piewhere he is trying to lose his virginity before the end of click school and begins to pine for Czech exchange student, Nadia.

Stifler persuades him to set up a webcam in his room so that they can all watch it together. The plan goes wrong, though, when Nadia discovers Jim's pornography collection and sits half-naked on his bed to read it. Jim is persuaded to return to his room, where he joins Nadia, unaware that he accidentally sent the weblink to the entire school directory.

As Nadia is preparing to have sex with him, he prematurely ejaculates twice, embarrassing himself live in front of the entire school.

He's Dating the Campus Nerd

Shortly afterwards Nadia leaves school and goes back home, now leaving Jim completely dateless for prom and ruining his likeliness of losing his virginity before high-school is over. In his desperation, Jim asks band geek Michelle Flaherty to the senior prom as she is apparently the only girl at his school who did not see what happened.

Rob is introduced as the virgin friend of Nathan and Lube who are labeled as outsiders and geeks. The other members have also bristled at the way Jeff is the "obvious" person to be their group leader but regularly mocks or disregards such responsibilities, leading to times when they have been receptive to leadership from other members particularly Troy. When they meet Monique the boys are disgusted, but Nathan states that they should go for it anyway. After the board of Hawthorne Wipes fires Pierce, he tries to open up a sandwich shop on campus with Shirley.

He succeeds in getting Michelle into bed where she behaves passionately before leaving him to wake up alone. The film ends with Jim and his friends eating breakfast before toasting to the next step. Jim reappears in American Pie 2 where he and his friends rent a house at Lake Michigan in the summer break at the end of their freshman year. After keeping in contact with Nadia, who is traveling across the USNadia agrees to join Jim at his beach party.

When Jim decides to turn on a porn movie that Stifler rented, he accidentally uses superglue instead of lubricant to masturbate, permanently gluing his entire hand to his penis and boxer shorts.

Scared and flustered, he takes out Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters porn cassette but ends up bonding the cassette to his other hand.

Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters

Unable to open any doors, he climbs out of a window Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters stumbles onto the rooftop where he is caught by confused police officers. He is supported at the hospital by his father Noah, continue reading he learns the news that he won't be able to have sex for at least a whole week, go here same amount of time before the party is due to occur.

When Nadia turns up earlier than expected, Michelle acts as his fake girlfriend so that he won't have to have sex with Nadia until his penis has healed. At the party Jim realizes that it isn't Nadia he wants but Michelle.

Nadia is upset that Jim chose a geek over her, but is happy for Jim and allows him to go and find Michelle, performing at band camp. He gatecrashes the performance with a trombone, just like he did before, but with much more confidence and passion, and romantically makes out with Michelle in front of the cheering crowd.

In American WeddingJim plays a smaller role with much less screen time in comparison to the first two films and Reunion. In the opening scene, he proposes to Michelle after a few mishaps in attempting. Jim is worried about dancing at the wedding, but salvation comes in the form of Steve Stifler, who promises to teach Jim in return of a wedding invite.

Jim reluctantly agrees much to the rest of the guests disappointment. Stifler also takes charge of the bachelor party but unfortunately collides the dates with the day Jim was supposedly setting up a dinner to impress Michelle's parents. Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters it appears all is ruined, Jim, Stifler and Finch readily make excuses and thankfully get the Flaherty's blessing.

Nervous on the http://hookuptime.me/qove/what-is-the-process-of-online-hookup.php building toward the wedding, Jim shaves his considerable pubic hair in an attempt to impress Michelle even further.

However, disaster strikes as his pubes inadvertently fall into the air conditioning covering their wedding cake. A new one is made and Jim encounters another awkward talk with his father. On the day of the wedding, Jim announces his appreciation and love for his friends Paul Finch, Kevin Myers and even Steve Stifler and then readily marries Michelle.

In Band CampNoah Levenstein informs Stifler's younger brother Matt of Michelle's pregnancy revealing that the character is to become a father. Jim is mentioned again as Noah attempts to comfort Matt, who was caught attempting to masturbate using an oboe, informing him that he caught his son engaging in sexual activity with a pastry product.

Naked Mile also alludes to Jim's paternity as Noah proudly informs Erik, Steve and Matt's younger cousin, that Michelle successfully gave birth. Jim returns in American Reuniononce again the protagonist, played by Jason Biggs.

He and Michelle now have a 2-year-old son named Evan. The couple's sex life has been slowly deteriorating after the birth of their son. Throughout the film, they try to re-ignite their sexual flames.

Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters

Also, Jim must avoid the advances of Kara, an year-old girl he once babysat when she was young, who wants to lose her virginity to him. Seeing how her situation mirrors his own when he was her age in the original film, Jim teaches her that it is best if she waits for someone special.

Michelle Annabeth Flaherty first appears in American Pie in which she is a considerably minor character and ended up being a popular Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters. Jim asks her to the prom as she pretends to be the only person in the school who has not seen the video of Jim prematurely ejaculating.

After the prom Jim loses his virginity to Michelle who becomes aggressive and later leaves him to wake up alone, which amused click in the end rather than angering him. She reappears in American Pie 2 in a much larger role. Here, her friendship with Jim grows over the summer and eventually she begins to fall in love with him. She explains that she didn't ditch Jim the morning after prom intentionally.

It was done out of fear of rejection as she thought the date over and was worried that Jim would have done the same to her. She later pretends to be Jim's girlfriend so he won't have to have sex with Nadia until his penis has healed. She stages a break up in front of Nadia who later goes to the party with Jim. However, Michelle is heartbroken about Jim's interest in Nadia as opposed to her. Jim later realizes his love for Michelle, and decides to just be friends with Nadia.

Though they are generally laid-back and friendly, they have repeatedly lowered standards for the school and fail to realize when Chang replaces the Dean. Thereafter, he is seen more often with the group on their non-Greendale adventures, and in "Basic RV Repair and Palmistry," his friendship with source group is solidified. I had heard so many good words about this book and i wanted so badly to read it, but at the same time something was holding me back and then one day i decided that it was about time

He goes to find Michelle at band camp, and gatecrashes the performance with a trombone and passionately kisses Michelle in front of a heart-warmed crowd, therefore beginning a relationship with her.

In American Weddingshe and Jim have continued dating and she accepts Jim's offer of marriage at the beginning of the film. Michelle settles on a dress but it is only made by one particular dressmaker so Jim and his friends set out to find him for her.

Michelle and Jim's plans are almost ruined when Stifler turns up to the engagement party although they had planned to keep him in the dark about it. After several hiccups including one with the flowers being killed which Stifler later fixes Michelle and Jim marry.

However, she could not attend in the semester as she was heavily pregnant with Jim's baby. She requested that Noah, Jim's father, take her place, a request he received with much enthusiasm. In Naked MileNoah informs Erik Stifler that she had in fact given birth to a baby, to which he announced Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters a pride fueling moment.

She appeared in American Reunion. Her son is now three years old. While not part of the sex pact, Stifler plays a crucial role in the film in two ways: He is also a close friend of the guys, especially fellow lacrosse player Chris "Oz" Ostreicher and Jim Click. Despite his love-hate friendship with Paul Finch, it is apparent that they are still good friends.

After Finch pays to have positive rumors about himself spread to all the girls in the school, one of these being that he won in a fist fight with Stifler, Stifler reveals Finch as Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters freak in front of everyone by putting very strong laxative in Finch's habitual drink of mocha cappuccino.

Finch, who is too uptight to use the school toilet until that time, ran to the restroom, where Stifler helpfully held the door open for him. It turned out to be the ladies' restroom, and Finch was publicly embarrassed.

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Stifler is also on the wrong end of the first of three sight gags throughout the film's trilogy in this movie, where he ingests beer containing semen.

He then proceeds to vomit uncontrollably on a girl and in the toilet. Stifler's second appearance was in the sequel, American Pie 2with a much larger role this time. After returning from his first year at Michigan State University with Oz, Stifler attempts a reunion party at his home and of which is shut down thanks to the neighbors calling the police.

He helps chip in cash to rent a beach house on Lake Michigan with the rest of the group.

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During the summer, Stifler becomes interested in two attractive owners of the house that they were hired to paint; two females who Stifler mistakenly regards as lesbians, who respond to Stifler's attraction by offering to engage in varying degrees of lesbian sexual activities in front of him, Jim and Finch, but only in exchange for the guys to engage in a corresponding degree of homoerotic acts that girls enjoy.

The first is Stifler grabbing Finch's buttocks, the second is Stifler and Jim kissing, and the third one would have been for Stifler to receive Hes Hookup The Campus Nerd Characters jobs from Finch or Jim, which Stifler is the only one confident enough to do.

This freaks Jim and Finch out too much and they run off. This annoys Stifler, as the more the guys would have done, the more the girls would have done.