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Bill Belichick touts lacrosse player Paul Rabil as 'the face of lacrosse'

30 Jan So will the thousands that are familiar with the meaning of the wristbands and their special cause, the HEADstrong Foundation, a charitable non-profit After being a three-sport athlete at Ramapo High School in New Jersey, Hogan was a standout lacrosse player at Penn State who used his last year of. 9 Nov Warrior Lacrosse's #NinjaPlease campaign has struck a serious chord in the lacrosse community and beyond. The use of this term “Ninja” can be best described through this incredibly hilarious YouTube video: (– Know Your Meme) Nor is he the only black lacrosse player to make his opinion known. Photo Credit Summer is upon on and this is the perfect time to invest in the relationship with our kids. There are so many wonderful things you can do this summ.

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This post focuses on the subject of race in lacrosse and marketing, and some readers may find some of the language used below offensive or objectionable. It is our feeling that an honest conversation will not exist if the story can not include the actual words, and phrases, which create the issue. Jovan Miller took exception to the marketing move publicly, before it was pulled, and gave away all of his Warrior equipment as a result, on Twitter.

Deadspin then reported it to the worldand a new negative lacrosse story hit the community. So please allow me to explain the situation a little more fully, and hopefully, I can shed a little more light on the issue from both sides, so that we can begin to learn and move forward again.

In Super Bowl, Patriots WR Chris Hogan will also be playing for local charity | PhillyVoice

A click google search results in three very different etymologies and meanings, and they are, in order of Google Results appearance:. While Miller has been one of the most vocal, and outraged, people to speak on this subject in the lacrosse community, he is not the only one. Nor is he the only black lacrosse player to make his opinion known.

Chazz Woodsona former Brine Brine is owned by Warrior player, posted more info thoughtful points on Facebookand shared some more thoughts with me when I spoke with him:. The topic can and should be addressed in a Hookup A Lacrosse Player Memes Meaning way; a dialogue or discussion, rather than an argument over right and wrong. I, personally, have this fascination with honest discussion.

At the same time, we can be honest without being dismissive, adversarial, or blatantly and willfully ignorant. This particular situation gives us an opportunity to have an open discussion about race in our sport.

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If we can build understanding on what is behind an expression, I think we can all move forward together. For instance, I never thought of the Asian component to the phrase, until it was brought up in a comment on my original Facebook post. Payu Nerngchamnongthe head of the Thailand Lacrosse Association, had a slightly different perspective, and read on things. He had this to say:. As a member of the modern society I find it inappropriate.

Hookup A Lacrosse Player Memes Meaning

The idea of a Dojo is sacred and the word has a monasterial history. For some in Asian culture, the feet are the least revered, or dirtiest part of the body, so to name a shoe after a sacred space of learning shows an additional lack, albeit unintentional, of cultural understanding. Something, which means nothing to one person, might mean a lot more to someone else.

When I contacted Warrior for a response to the issue, a Warrior official offered the following statement, explaining how the promotion had been pulled, and issuing an read more. Warrior did not mean to offend anyone, and we apologize to anyone who Hookup A Lacrosse Player Memes Meaning offended by the ninjaplease promotion.

Once we realized that the campaign was being received the way it was, we pulled the social media campaign, deleted the tweets, and social media references, and reached out directly to Jovan Miller to explain our position. The slogan is all over the place, and does seem to be generally popular.

The argument might not hold water for all, but it is plausible, and I have seen nothing to suggest it was anything but what Warrior contends. Now that this issue has come up though, it is heartening to see both Warrior and the MLL pull the promotion, and address it head on. Or is this an opportunity?

Hookup A Lacrosse Player Memes Meaning

I personally found source to be offensive, as did many others, and I would rather not see the topic just dropped by the wayside. The second option, of outrage, seems like an obvious answer to many, but I sincerely fear that the path of anger will not lead to increased understanding, and I believe continued progress is key, especially here. For me, this serious issue smacks of opportunity. It is an opportunity to think, learn, and empathize with your fellow man.

What you should know by. Linda Holliday shares photo with Patriots coach on Valentines Day. A must-read if you're a fan of the Zelda game series.

It is an opportunity to question your own views, and have a real discussion with someone who may feel differently. It is not the end of a marketing campaign, but hopefully, the beginning of a passionate, intelligent discussion. So now that you have heard what I think, what Warrior has done to make it right, and what some big time lacrosse figures think, we want to hear what YOU think!

Is NinjaPlease-style marketing something that the Lacrosse Community should be worried about? How can we move forward, together, from here? Connor is the Publisher of LacrosseAllStars.

When coach sees how "in shape" the team is during pre-season conditioning. Selena Marino Selena Marino Feb 23, Or is this an opportunity? For instance, I never thought of the Asian component to the phrase, until it was brought up in a comment on my original Facebook post. Public figures should be especially careful all while using their platform for good.

He lives see more Brooklyn with his better half, continues to play and coach both box and field lacrosse in NYC as much as possible, and covers the great game that is lacrosse full-time.

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