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saying, "Don't touch my chosen ones! Don't harm my prophets!" New Heart English Bible "Do not touch my anointed ones. Do my prophets no harm." Aramaic Bible in Plain English “You shall not touch my Anointed and you shall not harm my Prophets.” GOD'S WORD® Translation "Do not touch my anointed ones or harm. 2 May Chad, God doesn't anoint people to disobey him or do evil, whether that is preachers like the ones you mention or those who “expose” them. God does anoint preachers, but does he ever anoint anyone to speak evil against Christians? I would simply advise anyone claiming that anointing to be very careful. From their position they have trained people to listen to them and willing to silence their challengers. They do this by going after them with Bible threats such as “don't touch God's anointed” or you are committing the “blasphemy the Holy Spirit” when you speak against another “man of God.” Ignoring the fact that blasphemy.

Many have invoked the passage, "Do not touch my anointed ones, and do no harm to my prophets" as a means of skirting accountability for false teaching and for sin.

Unwittingly, I have been guilty of callously spewing this scripture in the past to defend certain preachers. I didn't do it because of defiance or an attitude of superiority, but because of my own biblical ignorance. I simply did not know the Word of God. Recently, I have repented and taken great steps to correct this. Unfortunately, I am not the only one who ever has committed the error of misrepresenting Psalm I'm sure each time someone does, it grieves the heart of God. The Way to Touch God's Anointed," helped clear up this issue for me.

When studying Psalm In this context, rather, the words "touch" and "do no harm" refer to inflicting physical harm upon someone. Specifically, the phrase "touch not the Lord's anointed" refers to David's hesitance to kill King Saul when the opportunity arose.

Contrast what happened to the person who dared to finish off the dying Saul: And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all. Well-meaning church leaders tell men simply to try harder.

Previously, David indeed had rebuked Saul publicly, and he had done it more than once. Although Saul was referred to as "God's anointed," Saul still needed to be accountable for his actions and his words. That goes for double anyone who preaches the gospel.

Be Careful When You Touch Gods Anointed

If what they are preaching is not scripturally sound, they've opened that teaching up to scrutiny. I've read many examples—especially on message boards—where a preacher's character is maligned because of something he or she taught or is NOT teaching I speak of one preacher in particular click here gets dragged through the mud.

I won't mention him by name, but you all know him well. That's where people fail to take care when they "touch God's anointed. We know from 2 Kings 2: Go up, you bald head! Then two she-bears came out of the woods and ripped open forty-two of the boys.

"Touch Not Mine Anointed, Do My Prophets No Harm" - Pastor David Wilkerson

This type of mockery implied malicious intent, perhaps to maim or kill Elisha. At that time, the epithet "baldy" signified contempt in the East and showed severe disrespect for Elisha's message and God's power.

God sent the bears as a judgment for their callous unbelief. So what should Christ followers do when they find themselves in disagreement with someone in the ministry? At least these three things:. There certainly isn't a lack of public rebuke on the Internet. A great deal of it is mean-spirited and not meant for godly correction, but as it appears, for some people to simply make themselves feel better. That's yet another source trait God has surgically removed from my personality.

It is important—nay, crucial—for Christ followers, as Hux says, "not to render a condemning judgment upon anyone that alone is for Godbut to render a discerning judgment upon all teachings.

When the matter involves a church leader, as 1 Timothy 5: But it is indeed a wrong and dangerous thing to speak against those whom God has anointed for ministry. Such an approach to leadership, though, is strictly forbidden by the Lord. To pick a practical example, i see no difference between what Paul was doing and what Mark Meynell does here:

It is important for Christians to test all things by Scripture" as the Bereans did with Paul in Acts And as I always like to say, "there is that. Connect with God in a deeper way as you read His Word.

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Be Careful When You Touch Gods Anointed

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Touch not the Lord's anointed

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