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18 Mar Those of you who follow my comedy know that my wife is a Black woman who converted to Judaism. What you also know is that we have a young son who is Biracial and Jewish. As a result, I can tell you that Black-Jewish relations in our family are at an all-time high. But, we are not an anomaly. Since time. I'm black or brown, depending on who you ask, and I mainly date white guys. I have no idea I grew up in a small town in the 90's, where I was the only non- white girl in my class at school and my skin colour was a curiosity rather than a threat. There was no . Things You Only Know If You're A Jewish Girl Dating Online. Witney, UK. #1 Sep 17, Why do jewish men want to have sex and sort type of temporary relationship with black women but won't bring them home to meet the family or marry them? Judged: 1 .. shoshannaThough I am open to dating or marrying a Jewish man, I would treat him the same as any other man.

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'I'm not going to marry a non-Jewish woman' #lovelinks

Basically, a tech at a dating sitewent through all of Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy data and looked to see whether race had any effect on how likely people were to reply and send messages. This is taken from millions of Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy filtering back but what they found out, at least among those people willing to go on a dating site, is as follows, and directly opposed to the anecdotes given in this article.

In many cases, their response rate is one and a half times the average, and, overall, black women reply about a quarter more often than other women. Or rather, they write them back far less often than they should. Black women reply the most, yet get by far the fewest replies. Essentially every race—including other blacks—singles them out for the cold shoulder. The final graph in the report is a table where they ask "would you strongly prefer to date someone of your own ethnic background?

All of this seems to fly directly in the face go here the author's implication that the low marriage rates among black women is due to black women not being willing to marry men of other ethnicities. Well, I knew I was adding fuel to the fire, but I didn't expect it to take the personal tone it has! To debate whether males and females of differing races are attracted to each other, and subsequently marry each other, in roughly equal numbers is folly.

We can look at raw statistics to determine whether this is so. According to the U. In short, black and white men are more than twice as likely to marry white and Asian women, respectively, than the other way around.

Black men are more than four times as likely to marry Asian women than the other way around. These aren't opinions; these are facts. The debate is only why this is so. This isn't discrimination; it's an honest discussion. Personally, I find that beautiful women come in all shapes in sizes. It probably helps to explain why I constitute one-half of an interracial marriage. There are many of us black MEN who fit this description. So black woman where are you?

Some one write an article for black men so I can respond to that one too. This post minimizes the fact that non-black men do not marry black women and then blames black women. I am not a sociologist, but i have heard that women tend to look for someone who has traits similar to their father, and men tend to look for someone who has traits similar to their mother. I am a black women who has dated outside of my race since the Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy, when it became apparent that the number of datable black men at my education level were few in number.

I have to say that I have NEVER had any problem meeting quality white men who were not only willing to be involved in a serious relationship, but to get married. My ex husband is white, and a doctor. I left him because he wanted a stay at home wife, something most women don't ever get the option of being but something I did not want. That marriage lasted 10 years. I then remarried, and IT specialist, also white.

We had 10 years together before out interests went in different directions. We are still good friends and see each other a few times a month socially, not booty calls! I am currently dating a jewish guy who is smart, funny and good looking.

Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy

I've decided that marriage is not for me, but I find the author to be totally wrong. Every professional black woman that I know who wanted to date a white man had no problem finding one. A good number of the relationships have led to marriage. The only barrier black women have to finding quality relationships with white men is believing that they do not deserve them, something that I never felt.

Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy

It's strange that America is click as the melting pot and we rejoice in our diversity, yet we cannot get over the diversity which has always been in our nation. African American women don't want to marry white men and African American men think this and that and whatever: Raises American Flad in background. To Senjata and EllenValerie: Actually more black women and white men marry than you would think and more are marrying now than you would expect.

Now let me give you a list of wealthy white men who are married to black women: It is Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy to see what kind of racist though seems to be acceptable thinking within the black community. Imagine if a white woman were to make similar statement. Instead of saying "my black heart" it would be "my white heart"; quite offensive.

The data posted in his excellent link should have really been taken into consideration by TE before writing their article. It clearly shows that black women do not have a stronger preference to date within their race, relative to people from other races. This issue is reminescent of the article TE ran on Asian women a few months ago. There, they argued that it was highly educed women and low-educated men that ended up remaining single in many Asian countries.

Women tend to marry 'up' If black women choose to be racially loyal to their men, it's their own problem, a problem that elavates them to stupidty. We are all human beings here to live a life. I don't know how bad the racism scene is in America, but in ENGLAND here, the majority of the population have gotten past that slavery association when it comes to white people a few decades ago. Walk any shopping mall or grocery in America outside some of the rural south and you see many interracial couples, for which krista.

Isaac on February 20, at 4: Follow Lauren Kay on Twitter: Imagine if a white woman were to make similar statement. You have a degree and what you make about 50k…. Yet she laughs at this mess and Tom has the neerve to call her the sensible one on his radio show.

But look closer and see the huge inequity: When the dance is over, the black women is partnerless, especially when you take away more black men in prison, click here, on drugs, jobless.

Black women are left standing like a child's musical chairs game. Us darker men's skewed preferences are at least partly to blame for fatherless black families; is not something to rejoice. Don't take my word, survey your own shopping mall, it takes 15 minutes.

Perhaps the media glorifies blondness. A very dark Nigerian classmate said at home they distinguished eight shades of color, before getting to the lighter shade of an African-American. He married a blonde. I agree with Senjata. Black Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy don't marry outside their race not only because it doesn't interest them, but also because other races are not interested in them.

Yet she laughs at this mess and Tom has the neerve to call her the sensible one on his radio show. So what can be done about this? When you reduce people down to a few characteristics, it robs them of their humanity, which is complex.

I think the reasoning primarily has to do with culture differences and prejudices. America is still adjusting. The Jim Crow south was not too long click. Even today in school.

Over time, i think race will become less of a factor in just about everything. We don't need anyone to validate us. I could care less about what white man dates black women or which black man doesn't! At the end of the day all u can do is love yourself and to hell with everyone else.

Marry who you want to marry. Black women need Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy stop being so preoccupied with why no one wants us or the perceived notion of such. If black men don't want us, then to hell with them! Im so sick of every time u turn around there is one more article putting down or insulting me and my other African American sisters.

We will date whoever the hell we want to date and for all of you who believe that other races think we are ugly and not worthy of stable married lives, then to hell with y'all too.

A black male professor kicks up a storm about black women and marriage

One factor not mentioned in the article or the comments is the startling prevalence of overweight and obesity among black women in the US. Even among teens and children, black girls have almost double the rate of obesity seen among whites.

It's not just a racial issue, either, since black teenage boys are not more likely to be overweight than their white male counterparts. At the age when most people marry teens to age 40 black women are more than twice as likely to be morbidly obese as either white or Hispanic women in the same age group.

Being a black woman might hurt one's marriage chances, but being overweight definitely does not help. For more data see this paper by Wang more info Beydoun published in Epidemiological Reviews uhttp: The topic's appears to be sad enough for the African American women involved but why would your picture editor choose to illustrate it with an Asian lady?

Your armchair anthroplogical justifications are about as well-founded link intellectually sound as the insightful comments of Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy the Greek and Al Campanis.

During the interview, Campanis was asked why he thought so few blacks were in management positions in baseball. He also stated that blacks were not adapted to be swimmers because of a lack of buoyancy. Campanis was fired within 48 hours for his comments. Jimmy the Greek also made some amazingly insightful comments on African-American biology, explaining that: Jimmy the Greek was fired Black Girl Dating A Jewish Guy CBS for these comments.

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Whoever wrote this article and everyone else should go look at this How Your Race affects the messages you get. Black Women are their first victims. The Professor is blaming the victims when he is part of the problem.