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Long story short my friend had a couple of dates with a man and he told her on the third he had genital herpes. She decided to end it because she didn't want to risk her own health and it turned her off. I Personally totally get that. What do you think? Would you date someone with an STD? Maybe if you. 28 Jan Here's another pet peeve of my email inbox: when a man (because it's almost always a man) asks me if he should continue seeing this woman he's been dating who just told him she has herpes. Sometimes the question is data-based, about what transmission statistics are real. Sometimes the question is. 26 Sep The real truth behind the realities of dating someone with herpes.

Would you consider dating a girl who had herpes? My lady friend wanted to do something nice for me so she said she wanted to hook me up with one of her new friends. Awesome I haven't been on a nice date in awhile so it could be a bit of fun. So I go on the date were having a good time she's pretty and seems like she's into me I'm feeling pretty good about it at this point. Fast forward to the next day and I get a text saying before we go any further she has to let me know that she has herpes and that if that's something I'm this web page okay I with I should let her know now.

Which I don't think she took it well because I get a call from the friend that set us up basically calling me names and that I was shallow for "letting a girl like her get away" which confused the hell out of me because she knows what kind of guy I am and that I would never be sexually active with someone who has contracted an std. But she told me " I was living in the past that alot of people have herpes and that I needed to be more sex positive when it comes to stuff like this.

So I'm just wondering Askmen am I in the wrong? Would you ever date a girl with herpes. While I agree learn more here your friend that a lot of people are living with a very manageable disease, she was way out of line for yelling at you.

My wife has the cold sores on the face strain, and in 10 years I haven't caught it. Just no kissing or BJ's like I even get those to begin with during an While it is true that the virus is dormant for most of the time, the antibodies are still present and will react to the test.

Unless there was an adamant belief that we would spend the rest of our lives together If you don't have it, why risk contracting it? It's going to make click to see more pool of people willing to date you in the future smaller - even if you don't get bad symptoms.

The fact that people consider it a dealbreaker isn't just an issue when considering dating this one person put before you, it's also a consideration that everyone else will make in regards to you if you get it in turn and then the relationship at some point ends.

Dating A Girl With An Std matter if your conclusion is "yes, I'll give it http://hookuptime.me/t/men-and-divorce-and-dating-after.php shot" - if you get it you get it, and congratulations you've just made life harder on yourself.

Regarding OP's lady acquaintance If she doesn't respect OP's bodily integrity and his right to decide whether or not he wants to put himself in this position, she's not OP's friend to begin with. Can't believe this has to be stated but apparently it does: Friends don't give friends shit for not wanting STDs. This summarizes it perfectly. Even if you don't care about the disease itself since it's relatively mild, and can be managed with medicationyou've severely limited your future dating pool.

That in and of itself is a good reason not to be okay with dating someone with herpes. Your friend is a dumbass.

I wouldn't fuck Beyonce if she had herpes. Well to be fair they wanted to make a girl feel better about her condition. After all, she just lost her virginity and got herpes in the process. She has to disclose it beforehand. They are fucking obsessed with making the OP feel as nice as possible if they are a woman. Facts almost always take the back seat in that sub. It's ridiculous how adults can be so damn ignorant just to make someone feel good about themselves. That's a misrepresentation of the thread, most were encouraging realism, and reacting to the fact that most people are not being realistic and don't know the facts about herpes.

The thing is, I still wouldn't want Dating A Girl With An Std, even if it is technically "just a skin rash. I'd be hesitant to date someone with herpes not so much because I'm concerned Dating A Girl With An Std the disease itself, or even actually getting the disease itself, since it's relatively mild, improves over time, and medication helps treat it.

It's more the stigma from it--if I break up with the person I got it from, my dating pool is now significantly reduced due to the stigma. It's a vicious cycle, in that the stigma itself causes people to stigmatize those who have it.

According to the CDC, You'd think more people would go to the doctor if it were that big of a deal, right?

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Personally I don't care what you do as long as you have accurate information on which to base your decision. HSV2 is not "the genital one". Also misread your original post. Though I'm pretty sure they will find out whenever their first breakout happens so I'm still going to nope out of that. The younger you are the more likely a genital infection is caused by HSV1. Believe what you want you though For most people, the outbreaks are pretty rare and each successive outbreak is less bad than the last.

Continue reading you take antivirals, this is even more true. That's not to say it doesn't suck, but it really isn't a life-altering disease. Most people have, there are 6 other viruses in the same family as herpes and some of them are even more common than herpes.

The symptoms of some you might recognise as chicken pox, roseola and mono. Almost all of us experience roseola before we're 2 and the virus then stays with Dating A Girl With An Std for the rest of our lives.

No, I don't have it. The boyfriend who gave it to me was mortified when he found out, and after we broke up he admitted to me he still felt guilty about it. However, the doctor who first prescribed the drug to me was very clear that the risk was low but present — maybe he just didn't want to get blamed if something happened! And while your friend shouldn't have yelled at you for turning down the girl, try to think about it from the girls perspective:

It usually doesn't cause any major symptoms when contracted early in life but there is an increased risk of mono when contracted later in life. This virus also is responsible for some cancers, it's not common but around world wide each year.

Almost everyone used to get chickenpox but with the live attenuated vaccine it's a lot less common amongst the younger generation. Though some develop a latent infection from the virus in the vaccine or they catch a wild strains despite being vaccinated. A lot of people don't want herpes because out of the 8 viruses in the herpesvirae family it's the ones that causes the most symtomatic recurrences.

Dating A Girl With An Std the majority of that thread seemed to talk about comforting those who have herpes, and how to discuss it with future partners.

And most of them will never know. As we human get older, we end up with myriad physical imperfections and quirks. But the virus can basically reactivate whenever amd then BAM, you have anal warts. Then you can weigh the costs and benefits and work out what you really want.

You must have gone really deep into that thread to see comments like the ones you're talking about. Yeah, I just read the majority of that thread this morning and nobody said anything like this guy claims.

It's http://hookuptime.me/t/marriage-without-dating-ep-5-eng-sub.php how often people on both askmen and askwomen hate on each other. They're basically the same subs.

Haha yeah they must have. I didn't see any bad shit in there, but then again I did get gold in that thread Anything that makes you EVER reject a woman makes you a son of a whore in the eyes of "female" subs. I constantly have to remind myself that these are women who spend all day on women-centric website i. I can't Dating A Girl With An Std it anywhere Searched "herpes" and "std" on there and sorted by new, but nothing came up. I just found out I contracted herpes from the first guy I ever slept with.

I'm lost and scared.

Dating A Girl With An Std

Can any of you ladies tell me about your experience? I actually learned a lot of information about herpes on Dating A Girl With An Std thread. So far this thread just seems to be ripping on askwomen haha. Yeah it was an extremely informative thread, and responses were very appropriate and well thought out considering how distraught OP seemed. The AW hate on Askmen is a circlejerk that I've just come to accept. As a woman who likes to browse both subs, it use to make me feel really unwelcome here, but I just ignore it now.

You're talking out of your ass, dude. Herpes does not affect you emotionally or mentally anymore than any other permanent disease or condition would. In fact, it's a lot like a physical scar in terms of its seriousness and effect on your daily life. It's ugly, but you can do everything else you could before, save for some precaution.

Why Should I Date Someone With Herpes?

But that's for other people's sake, not your own. If you mean that the stress of a diagnosis will effect you emotionally or mentally, then okay. But again, the effects of it's influence on you mental and emotional state is entirely dependent on how you come to terms with it. But it's sounding like you're implying that the disease affects your brain. And not being clear enough about that is only insinuating myth click here adding to the already disproportional social stigma that already comes with this relatively harmless disease.

Everyone has a right to decide whether or not they wish to be exposed to a disease and risk contracting it.

Guru Talk: Would You Continue To Date A Person With Herpes?

And that friend is being shitty for trying to shame him for making a completely fair decision. It amazes Dating A Girl With An Std how retarded people can be. I don't want a life long STD. Not my fault you weren't more careful. You can rationalize it however you want, you simply cannot call someone shallow for not wanting a disease.

Whether you like it or not the stigma exists, and you could lose out on many potentially great relationship due to herpes. The cost is far greater than just the disease itself.

The high chances of breaking up these days is not something to be ignored, I'm not gonna restrict my dating pool cause I decided to sleep check this out a girl with herpes, its not worth it. I don't think it is shallow at all for not wanting to subject yourself to an STD. While I think that the female friend was out of line with yelling at you, I can see where she might have felt the need to talk to you.

Dating A Girl With An Std

I just think she should have talked to you calmly. The girl with herpes took a big risk, a scary risk, by telling you. She showed maturity by telling you well before getting intimate so that you could make a decision.