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QUIZ: Can You Identify These Famous Basketball Players?

15 Jan For 40 % you are: Chris Paul - A Point Guard is usually a leader and instructs his teammates by making plays. Respected and usually underrated. 39 % of Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A You could also get this result: For 20 % you are: Wilt Chamberlain - Not the most enthusiastic or. 17 Apr Which NBA legend has a butterfly crown and his wife's name on his arm? Doug Pensinger / Getty. Shaquille O'Neal . 8. Which player has this tribute to a famous chicken and waffles joint? hookuptime.me 9. Which NBA player has a Nintendo legend on his arm? hookuptime.me Damian Lillard. John Wall. HelpTermsPrivacy. Quizzes & stories, Stories, Quizzes, People. Cancel. Type @ username to go to a profile. Published May 19, May 19, · takers . Sports Sport Basketball Nba Player hookuptime.me Report. ♥Add to library 1.» Discussion.»Follow author.» Share quiz.

Help Pause Take Untimed. The quiz is paused. I don't agree with this list. Karl Malone, a few places to low. Wallace, Lambeer, Kerr, H. Kemp would undoubtedly be higher if he would have stayed off drugs and in shape and had a longer career. At the end of his career continue reading Cavs thought he was going to have a heart attack on the court because he was so fat.

I'm astonished that so many active players are on this list, I mean At least, I'm glad Paul Arizin is in the list I would have agreed with you if you went the other way. Ainge shouldn't be on the list just like bosh shouldn't be on the list for one reason and that's because if he didn't play with bird you wouldn't know who he was same as with bosh if he didn't play with bron and wade no one would remember him.

Yeah this list is rather silly, Blake Griffin 75th lol, Are You Dating A Player Quiz Nba Basketball on what? Far too many active players too high on this list. Lebron James is an all-time great, partly because here has proven it for several years already.

Others like Harden, Bosh, Love, among others are great players, but who have either not proven it for long enough, or are just not as great as this list wants them to be.

Guys didn't have to put up huge offensive numbers in the old days to be a great player--and teams were far more important, so team play made players great without inflating their stats. Way too many current players. Manu is good and has been on great teams, but he is way too high on this list. Blake Griffin and Kevin Love might end up here, but it is too soon to put them on this list.

Meanwhile, look at the Spurs today. It seems to me that there have always been some teams led by individual stars, and others led by a strong team offense and defense. I think the main argument in question is whether players should be ranked by overall quality of career, or by highest peak.

Are You Dating A Player Quiz Nba Basketball

If players are ranked by highest peak, young players like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant http://hookuptime.me/vi/how-to-write-about-yourself-on-dating-sites-examples.php already be higher than many of the old legendary players, and thus age wouldn't matter. I feel you bro, seeing Curry at 23, Westbrook and Harden on the list over Danny Ainge who didn't make it There's a lot of rankings that are off on this list.

It's almost as if ESPN focuses too much on the recent years. Yes, Kobe's had some injury prone, poor years recently. But so did Shaq. And last time I checked, Kobe has more rings and is higher on the all time scoring list.

Create Account Email address: Without jordan when he retired the first time pippen lead the bulls to basically the exact same record they had with jordan on there team. The quiz is paused.

Karl Malone is also way too low. Yeah he didn't win any rings, but he's second on the all time scoring list. I've also always thought Walton was overrated.

Can You Match The Tattoo To The NBA Player?

He had one good year in the NBA where the Blazers won the ring. The rest of the time he was injured. Finally, and most controversially, Lebron is a great player and deserves to be on this list.

However, placing him 3rd, above so many greats, is a bit much, especially when several of those other greats have more championships in tougher eras. Shaq and Kobe is a tough one. And looking at the list, I can see Karl Malone moving up to 13 and Duncan down to I think Lebron at 3 is the correct spot. To me the most surprising thing about this list isn't the placement of players or omissions Not a top 50, but I think he makes top Clearly a lot of subjectivity with this list, not a lot of science or math involved.

Here's a greatest ever quiz without any opinion, based solely on career win-shares: I disagree lebron should be on continue reading but curry shouldnt because he only just became good. I'm only 13 and I got 70 of these players and I missed Stockton bc I already thought I had him but i have heard about almost all these players.

I didn't even realized that until I did the quiz. I definitely learn more here Curry should be lower but I think what's really more questionable is Kevin Love being on the list lol. Not sure, maybe that he had a streak of almost a whole season of double-doubles? He was also top 5 player in the league in Minnesota.

Curry doesnt deserve to be on this list aleast toward the top maybe around 60 And add Kyrie Irving. The list should show the team the player Are You Dating A Player Quiz Nba Basketball with like it does for the Greatest Baseball Players quiz.

I'm sorry but Allen Iverson should be way higher. I know it's not your decision Quizmaster but just my opinion. J, the Admiral, and Pistol Pete. I cant believe drose is in here either.

Are You Dating A Player Quiz Nba Basketball

I believe if harden is in here how is rose not. Rose got 1 mvp 1 all nba 1st team and 3 all star aperances and harden only got 2 all nba 1st teams and 2 allstar aperances. I realize that this is not the quizmaster's list, but Aldridge should be on here over Blake Griffin the most overrated basketball player in the world.

Your wrong there Lebron James he's so overrated if he's top 3 why isn't Black Mamba. Not only that but above people like chris bosh, chris mullin and shawn kemp? This list is a joke. Kevin love but no ben wallace.

And how is curry better than iverson allenpayton worthy wilkins and why is vince so low on the list. This web page love and gasol shouldn't be in here. They haven't proved themselves as hall of fame players. There have only been something like 3, NBA players in the last 50 years.

I'm a big man so if I ever have the ball I will have it in the paint. Your efforts on the court are rewarded with your teammates being open from your distraction as a big man. Survey Maker Flashcards See All. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:.

And let's be honest, most of the players in the sixties and seventies would be D-league players at best in today's league.

There just aren't that many players to choose from. Also Gasol is elite, no question. How many players have ever had his combination of wingspan learn more here shooting?

I love Manu Ginobili as much as the next guy, but he does not deserve to be on this list. Led Argentina to a gold medal in Not a single one of his teammates was active in the NBA at the time. Got first, made me laugh; totally didn't expect him, but I always type Kemp first. How can you have that many current players? Disrespect to the history of the NBA. To be honest with you the bunch of players that are active would be easily ranked in top in history, guys like Curry, Durant, Paul or Wade are some of the best in history and guaranteed hall of famers.

How many of these famous basketball players can YOU identify?

What is wrong for me is that there is Blake Griffin for example who didn't achieve that much and I think it is bit early to link him in there. Now,here is what is wrong with this entire world!!! I don't like curry but I have to admit some of these guys he does kinda deserve to be ahead of. I feel like ewing had a more respectful career compared to curry being on such an op team.

But you have to give him credit on this one. He is a unanimous 2 time mvp and has I think 2 rings already. He also has a lot of records. Paper wise he has a more filled out resume then guys like ewing.

He never won a ring and it's not his fault really. He played in jordans era which kept him and guys like Stockton from winning it all but I guess for these things it should count. Just looked back and he is ahead of pippen. Which I definitely don't agree with.

Easiest NBA quiz. If you get one hookuptime.me

Yes he wasnt the main focus of the bulls but he was a very good player. Without jordan when he retired the first time pippen lead the bulls to basically the exact same record they had with jordan on there team. Putting up great stats defensively and offensively. People do not realize that without pippen there would be no bulls.

Jordan would not have won 6 rings without a great two way player that can put up 30 on average. Pippen was the LeBron James of 90's. Most underrated player in history, without him there would be no 6 rings for MJ. He was great on both ends of the floor, he could defend, run quick offense, rebound, pass, steal and block bigger players not to mention entire set of scoring skills, reliable jump shot and great driving skills often finished with power dunk.

The most important thing about him tough was the ability to be second player on the team, he could easily play for any team and would have much better individual stats but he never minded to be in MJ's shadow. Especially in those times when there was less superstars than teams.