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Example: I met my current gf online. I'm INFJ. She's ISTJ. I was initially (and this is embarassing to me in a way since I really don't believe in using MBTI as any sort of predictor, but) mildly concerned that our function stacks would create too much difficulty for good communication and flow. Thankfully I pulled. I would say the best site is hookuptime.me All users are given their Myers Briggs, though the site states that MBTI is only a matter of preference. According the Project Evolove, the main criteria of compatibility are people's instincts. 28 Aug Find out what kind of dating style you have, dependent on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

My marriage of 20 years just ended, and was really an excercise in futilty for a long time. We just could not connect on much of what I thought was important.

This, disheartingly, is a repeating pattern for me in most, if not all of my adult relationships. However, reading on this forum gives me a spark of hope that I have just not met the right person, based on my rare type.

I can definitely see myself in a link of you other INFJ's! I'm a 51 year old female who would love a companion to enjoy life with.

Additionally, every type uses all four types of functions, Intuition, Sensing, Thinking, and Feeling. Just one week after joining, I met an awesome guy and now, four years later, we are husband and wife! While MBTI measures the how we perceive our world and make decisions, Enneagram describes why we do what we do, relating to our innermost motivations, fears and desires. As for you in particular April, please drop me a line here from time to time to let me know how you are doing in your search. They make conclusions just as well as Judgers, but see more opinions are directed inwards and may not be as expressed.

A rare type indeed! I suppose that might explain why I've never really felt "at home" and comfortable in my relationships thus far. What a breath of fresh air to realize that I am a rare personality type, and there is nothing inherently wrong with me. April, thanks for responding! I too am very hopeful. I admit not actually reading the articles yet I also admit to never, ever please click for source been any dating website, as I got married before they came in to being.

So perhaps that sort of query is common. Any input would be most welcome. As for you in particular April, please drop me a line here from time to time to let me know how you are doing in your search. A story of how you coerced a potential date into taking the personality test, would be most interesting! I am trying online dating for the very first time. I relate to your story, Wayne, of staying longer than advisable in a relationship.

You will know when the time comes, I think. Supposedly the questionnaires provided on sites Dating Website Based On Myers Briggs personality types. I mentioned my INFJ type in my profile, but have not had success finding a good match.

Dating Website Based On Myers Briggs

I think perhaps my INFJ intensity scares people, but I also think it's what will appeal to the right person. I have to leave it, and trust. Not many people struggle with the uniqueness of personality because they naturally run in to like-minded people in their daily lives. Therefore MBTI isn't something the general population sees as relevant?

They bounce ideas and perceptions off those they meet and don't have the "no one gets me" experience I have had all my life. I totally agree, it would be phenomenal to find a dating site that matches more specifically by type. Here's my best dating advice: If you find someone you like while doing what you love doing, great!

There is potential you will be compatible.

After so many years being married, you might want to reconnect with yourself. Often in relationships we tend to mold ourselves and hobbies to the person we are with, and even though we may not necessarily feel miserable, we may be missing out on some activities we have passed on for the sake of the relationship.

As far as dating sites I have no experience, but I am sure that line is probably used by a lot of people I am an XYZ, looking for I strongly recommend you two to connect outside of this forum, not necessarily to become partners though if it happens it happensbut to share on successes and failures, and pump each other up!

I can tell you that I've had great success using a dating site to find a partner. The site I used did not use your Myers Briggs type, but it did have you answer questions to analyze your compatibility with a potential partner.

Just one week after joining, I met an awesome guy and now, four years later, we are husband and wife! I am dating an INTJ and it seems to be working out very well. Their logic and groundedness help balance my emotions while our curious inclination to learn and absorb the world in our own unique ways help us connect and bond with each other.

Don't give up hope - it will just take a bit longer to find that connection! I was just searching to see if there was a dating site based on Myers Briggs and Dating Website Based On Myers Briggs across this forum. I am 53 and an ENFP. I too am not quite ready to date but am hopeful to eventually find someone I can share adventures with.

I'm a 61 yr old male ENTP and been using dating sites for 18 months. Actually found out about MBTI reading profiles. Some people put their type in their profile and OKC has a search feature but it doesn't really work very well. But the questions do get you see more a ballpark. People who would dig an INFJ are very likely to have a high percentage match to you and they'er the type of person who would answer many questions.

But OKC like all dating sites make the search very difficult. Dating sites are almost totally picture based. They take the worst pics which Dating Website Based On Myers Briggs this web page is great. The model posed pics can be skipped. In my experience using types to find someone isn't too bright.

I did it for a couple months and it was a mess. Like in the first message I was done. So in the initial conversation they're telling me about this guy she still lives with, this married guy she's seeing. Great conversation, lots of laughter, but gee, not really what I'm looking for these days. I like the INxx types, deep conversation right off. So I do think there's something to E-I connections.

Project Evolove - Myers Briggs dating

But could be just me. But, just because a type is said to be smart and able to go deep doesn't mean a specfic person will be able to go as deep as you would like, or you as deep as they would like.

Plus they still can have drug, drinking and other issues just like anyone else. Just going by type I think is too limiting.

Any input would be most welcome. Submit a new link. So in the initial conversation they're telling me about this guy she still lives with, this married guy she's seeing.

Yeah, you sure could get lucky. I suggest reading profiles. And don't forget MBTI is about how people work in their kind of default mode. As we get older we should be more well rounded, understand our strengths and weaknesses and have ways of dealing with these. LOL Good luck in your quest! All comments are moderated. Spammers will be fried and served on toast.

Dating Website Based On Myers Briggs

Skip to main content. Anybody had success with a dating site based on your Myers Briggs type? Comments April Edwards not verified says Wayne Davies not verified says Very best of luck, Wayne. Wayne and April, hello!!

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Heidi 53, western PA: Sylverine not verified says If you don't find somebody you like, you will have done something YOU like, so great! Amanda Hudson not verified click Jessica P not verified says NatalieR not verified says Evolve uses MBTI and as a result very few people. Notify me when new comments are posted.

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