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Managing Jealousy in Open Relationships

26 Dec Whether you've been together a year or a month, deciding to have a polyamorous relationship can get complicated. But you can deal with jealousy in an open relationship by setting guidelines, taking care of yourself, and reassuring each other. In my counseling practice, I work with many people who have chosen to have open relationships--to have more than one intimate sexual relationship. The biggest obstacle to creating successful and satisfying open relationships is jealousy. Despite how enlightened we think we are, most of us experience jealousy if our. 9 Nov While monogamous couples deal with their fair share of insecurity, jealousy in open relationships can appear in shocking and complex forms. In an open relationship there are some ways to overcome the ghost of jealousy and contribute to having a happier, longer lasting open relationship.

Depending on your uniquely calibrated emotional Richter scale, jealousy can register as a blip or an earthquake. Some people thrill from the fierce possessiveness that jealousy elicits, while others bristle at what they perceive as a lack of trust.

Most experts agree that jealousy is a natural reaction that, when exacerbated, can quickly result in irrational, damaging behavior. Many non-monogamous partners feel unnecessarily stigmatized and guilty during bouts of jealousy. There's that saying about heat and a kitchen for a reason, right?

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Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships and spokesperson for non-monogamous couples, says most people feel some jealousy regardless of the structure of their relationships. People living in open relationships often feel guilty and disappointed in themselves for being vulnerable to jealousy.

How to Get Rid of Jealousy

Jealousy can seem like a personal failure or compromising agent because, hey, you signed up for a relationship that read more you both to date other people. Maybe it's okay to spend the weekend with someone else, but the primary pair should be home Sunday night.

A couple might insist on always sleeping in the same bed at the end of the night, or being able to meet a partner's new love interest first. If guidelines are laid down in the beginning, there's less opportunity to accidentally snag a jealousy trip wire. Matik emphasizes the necessity of personal responsibility and self-soothing activities in open relationships.

Dealing With Jealousy In Open Relationship

Maybe your plan is to call your best friend, or take a hot bath, or rent a funny movie; but you have to know how to deal with jealousy without leaning on your partner all the time.

Declarations of jealousy should always be met with respect and understanding — ignoring or belittling someone else's fears will only magnify them. And while soothing words might blunt jealousy's edges during face-to-face time, verbal promises can fall flat when during a period of separation. Couples who make frequent gestures to express their commitment — doing small favors, staying sexually active and creative, sticking to date nights, honoring boundaries — will be better equipped to date other people and still feel secure in their primary relationship.

Dealing With Jealousy In Open Relationship

Dealing With Jealousy In Open Relationship

Matik views jealousy as a "guidepost emotion"—where an exploration of its causes can yield deeper self-awareness. As soon as someone knows why they feel jealous, they're less likely to feel afraid. Pinpointing the rational roots of a frequently irrational emotion can often squelch the worst elements of jealousy — paranoia, lack of perspective, alienation, and co-dependency.

Set aside time for personal reflectionschedule an appointment with a therapist, or simply bring Dealing With Jealousy In Open Relationship up with your partner. All relationships — but especially open relationships — might do well to expect jealousy as inevitable but surmountable, human but certainly not invincible. Matik, one of the most prominent members of the non-monogamous community, writes off the idea of a perfect, jealousy-free union.

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It doesn't mean there's something wrong or flawed with the relationship. What matters is that we love each other more than we dislike the things that make us jealous.

For open relationships or marriages to work, both the partners need to have a deep mutual understanding and should be more like friends than lovers. And for Susan, what worked was an incremental approach of exposing herself to exactly the situations she here the most, and gradually learning to tolerate and even embrace this new situation. Couples who make frequent gestures to express their commitment — doing small favors, staying sexually active and creative, sticking to date nights, honoring boundaries — will be better equipped to date other people and still feel secure in their primary relationship.

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