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Con Swag This forum is for sharing photos, videos, reports, and finding people from Anime Boston Please use stickied threads before starting new ones!

What did you nab at the con this year for awesome loot? It's probably a hard thing to see, but here's all the items: A "file" from someone passing out files for file sharing.

T-Shirt of Cerebella from Skullgirls Anything involving our forearms. Also this Thorin Oakenshield plushie. Low confidence makes you undesirable.

That was hilarious, thanks! Gunpowder from a creeper cosplayer I took a photo of. That was extremely clever! Flower from an Aeris cosplayer with a basket. It got squished a bit in my backpack. Ellis' trucker hat from Left 4 Dead 2 6.

Lots of awesome commissions, represented by the blue folder I kept them all in. Galaga for NES 9. Fortune from Skullgirls T-Shirt of Cerebella from Skullgirls T-Shirt of a Minecraft creeper peeking out of a hole. Autograph on my Excel Saga box set from Nabeshin If anyone saw the Finn with Mega Man tattoos is seeing this now, this should be no surprise I got this.

E-Reader from a guy who was just gonna throw this out late Saturday night! Been coming since Anime Boston B Anime Boston Usually I leave completely broke due to all the swag I pick up, but just wasn't my year apparently. However, I did get two wonderful small things that were well worth it!

Any post asking for advice should be generic and not specific to your situation alone. Like sending a text out of the blue to say you're thinking of me or sending a text in regards to something I said in passing. I also consider my con book swag how I collect them and its usually source is covered in autographs. But it is awesome. I'll sensor the f word now.

Might not have spent more than 50 dollars this year, but at least now I have some ready for ! I also got an FMA folder thingy. In Artist Alley, I got some cute buttons. Also, an AB t-shirt! And it was awesome!

Swag style

Anime Boston Cosplay Plans: Maeda Atsuko the 13th-AKB Private Message or Email me! I got a rock. What you see below doesn't include gifts for friends. First, a rather eclectic assortment of figurines, pins, and random stuff. The mug is Ikaros from Heaven's Lost Propertyand the manga is a parody anthology of Evangelionauthorized by Gainax. I also pre-reged for ; therefore, the saving-up has already begun AB ; pre-reged for !

Commander Ikari Evangelion Seriously, best expenditure of money ever.

I only wish I had more to put down on some SAO figurines or something, haha. Master of NERV wrote: I was hoping to buy the Little Sister on Board bumper sticker but they had sold out.

Pics Of Swag Girl And Boy Dating In Anime What Does Uncut

P Draven '16 P. Sailor Moon volumes [Now just have to wait a month for vol. Last edited by ChibiSprite on Thu May 30, 1: For the first time, cannot attend. Autograph on my Excel Saga box set from Nabeshin. Volumesof Naruto manga 6. Brotherhood wall scroll which I won! Sasuke t-shirt, Soul Eater t-shirt Cowboy Bebop messenger bag my Naruto one broke on me, was an emergency purchase!

Pics Of Swag Girl And Boy Dating In Anime What Does Uncut

Also this Thorin Oakenshield plushie. And this big squishy orange baby. Excuse my meh cosplay in this photo. It was Sunday at the con and the name of the game was "eyeliner beard" and "wig that needs brushing out".

Con Swag - Anime Boston

Everything pictured was gotten at AB, except the wig head, but the stand holding it onto the table was bought from Arda Wigs. I also consider my con book swag how I collect them and its usually and is covered in autographs.

A large amount of manga this year. I didn't buy that many pins or plushies this year and I avoided figures except the phone-strap ones. Annnnnd a bunch of prints I got that are far too many to photograph. My Swag consists of: Movies and TV Shows: Drifters Ayako Gunsmith Cats: Revised Editions Figures: Chie from Persona 4 Elizabeth from Bioshock: Anime Boston T-Shirt.

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Cosplay Plans for Anime Boston Thursday: Most of it gets spent on food. All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Author Post time Subject Direction: